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Did I take it to far in the last bit?
Oh well...

"What's wrong haz?"

"I erm, I've been thinking"




"the ovens in the way of my head"

"No how it works, come on" Zayn pulled Louis out and took him to the seating area of the tour bus.

"I think we should break up"

Louis sat next to Niall and Liam, opposite was Zayn and Harry. "So, what should we do?"

"Mini party?"

"Zayn! Has the best ideas" Louis slurred his words.

"LouIS, look, I'm sorry but it's what's best for you"

"Sure, a party sounds fun! Harry you in?"

"Or are you going to stay sober because "it's what's best for you"?" The room feel silent. Louis' comment had set an awkward atmosphere.

"I'm sure I can handle it"

"You can handle alcohol but not a relationship" the room was silent for a minute or two, it felt like hours.

Liam clapped his hands together and got up "I'll get the drinks"

"Louis, I can't, we're not going to be together as much and your trust issues will eat you alive"

Zayn and Niall started a conversation leaving Louis and Harry. "Lou?"

"Fuck off"

"Lou, what's wrong"

"Louis to you"

"LouIS, what's wrong?"


"Something's up"

"Nothing Harry just leave it. Like you leave everything" Louis looked down at the floor avoiding Harry's gaze.

Harry moved over to Louis and sat where Liam was. "Not again" he put his arm over Louis and held him in a tight hug. Louis just cried. He cried quietly into Harry's chest. "It's ok Louis, I'm here now." The memory of what happened rushed through his head.


"let's forget I brought I up yeah?"

"Goodbye Harry, I hope life's a disappointment"

"I know mine will be" he muttered and clung to Harry's top and cried. He cried until his eyes were dry, and Harry stayed there, holding Louis as tight as he could. When Louis had no tears left to cry he pulled back to look at Harry's face. "Why did you do it?"

"Do what Lou?"


"I was young, stupid and thought it was easier, I'm sorry I hurt you darling"

"I know"

"What can I do to make it up to you?"



"Try, just, I want you to try. Try to keep me. Try to make me yours again. Try to make me feel loved. Because that's all I want Harry. All I want is to be you"

"I won't try, I will, I will do all of that, and I promise I will stay."

Louis could suddenly see curly haired Harry, from when they had their first argument. "I promise you I will stay, forever"

"You've said that before"

"I mean it this time"

"Prove it then, before we become a couple again, prove to me that you are capable of being a friend. So if it does fall to shits we can still be friends"

Harry chuckled and brought Louis into another hug "ok." He put his hand out "friends?"

Louis giggled and took Harry's hand and shook it "friends." He gave Harry a kiss on the cheek and blushed.



Louis giggled and Harry loved the sound of it. It was cute as hell.

Everything felt right again. Louis and Harry were "friends", Zayn and Louis were friends, they were all friends. The all sat around the table and had drinks. It was a perfect night. Harry ended up being the most sober, as Louis had predicted, and he put everyone to bed. Niall, Zayn and Liam walked to bed as Harry directed them, but Louis had fallen asleep on Harry's shoulder so he carried him and put him to bed. Harry then climbed into his own bunk and went to sleep. For the 4 hours of sleep they had, they were happy and calm.

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