Long Time, No See

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I'm proud of the name

Louis arrived in LA, drunk, the day after. He was then taken to the hotel that the lads normally went to when in the area.

 He was then taken to the hotel that the lads normally went to when in the area

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The lights were trippy, especially when your as drunk as Louis was.

He strolled over to the lads and saw someone familiar sitting on the seat "PAULLLL"


"Ve misd you"

"I've missed you to" he could see Louis was drunk so he stood up and made Louis take his seat. He sat on the arm to make sure he couldn't get back up.

"No, no Harry?"

"There will be a Harry but he's going to be a little while longer."

"Well, Ni, I don wana wait" just as Louis said that Harry walked in.

His hair hadn't grown back but the curls had. He had a gray too on that came low on his chest and had short sleeves revealing all his tattoos. And he had tight skinny jeans on.

Louis rolled his eyes and tugged at Paul's arm "p-p-paul"


"Y-your mine, my bodyguard"


"Keep him away from me" Paul nodded and stepped forward as Harry came towards them.

"Hi guys"


"haha, hi Niall" Harry hugged everyone and then stopped when he saw Louis on the seat. "Hi Louis"

"Piss off"

"Are you drunk?"

"What do you care?" There was an awkward tension in the group but they didn't know that was just the beginning.

They walked to the front desk and got their keys. "Who wants what key?"

"H-hary wat key you wan?"

"Erm, I'll have that one"

"Then I take that one, have fun twats, I'm goin bed"

"No your not your going to sober up and come dinner with us"

"If I wanted to be fucking sober I wouldn't have gotten drunk"

"Do it Louis"

"For fucks- ok Paul come with"

Louis walked away after flipping Liam off and waited for Paul near the elevator. "Harry, I'm just warning you, Louis asked me to keep you away from him"


Louis and Paul walked into Louis' room and throw his stuff on the couch. "Drink some water"

"I don't wana"

"I wasn't asking"

Louis drank down the water and sobered up after about 15 minutes. Paul gave him a tablet and they headed back to where the lads were all meeting for dinner.

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