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Aren't Larry cute 🥰

They got back to the hotel they had been staying at for the past week and went to their rooms. "Lou did you need help?"

"I think I'll be fine Harreh. But, if ya wanna come in later you can"

"Pack slow, I'll pack fast, then I'll come it" Harry rushed to his room and Louis smiled.

Louis walked slowly back to his room and when he got there it had been cleaned and Paul was sitting on the couch. His arms crossed and his legs spread. He was pissed.

Louis looked down as he walked in and muttered "shit" he walked over to Paul "what have I done this time?"

"What have you done? You tell me." Louis went to talk but he knew it would infuriate Paul more. "Drinking, every day and night, smoking weed in doors" Paul took a deep breath in and sighed. He held up a empty packet "cocaine, really Louis! You understand how addictive this shit is"

"I'm not addicted!"

"When did you last have some?"

"5, 10 minutes ago"

"Your addicted Louis, you need to stop!" Paul looked at Louis and got up "pack, I'll stay in here 'till your done"

Louis walked away with his head down "don't have to get all mardey about it"

"What was that Louis?"


"What I thought. Now hurry up" Louis walked into his sleeping area and started packing.

"These aren't mine" Louis found a pair of boxers on his floor and picked them up with a pen "the fuck?" He throw them into bin and under them was bottle of vodka nearly half full "sweet." He opened the bottle and drank what was in it.

When he finished most of the bottle there was a knock at the door. Louis rushed to hide the bottle behind his back. "Lou?"

"Harry?" Louis took out bottle and finished it as quick as he could and throw it onto the pillow. "You coming in or you staying out there?"

Harry opened the door and was welcomed to the smell of fresh vodka "have you had vodka?"

"Yes, no, maybe. Is Paul still mardey?"

"Was he really bad then?"

"Yeah. I could see the vanes popping out of his 'ead"

"Mhm, bet you like that"

"Not really" Louis looked over at what he had left to pack and fell onto the bed with a sigh "this is going to take foreva"

"No it wont, I'll help"

"Then it's going to take foreva and more" Harry chucked at Louis and began packing. He bent down to pick up the pile of clothes on the floor and Louis couldn't help but look at Harry's ass. It's gotten bigger.



"What's gotten bigger?"

"I said that out loud?"

Harry laughed and dropped the subject. "How many clothes have you worn in 7 days"

"7 outfits and a pair of PJs, 'n' I may have brought more then tried them on"

Harry laughed and started folding the clothes "your worse than me"

"Hay! Don't insult me like dat" Harry pretended to be insulted but couldn't because Louis was too cute.

He continued folding the clothes why Louis scrolled through Twitter. "I neED to see you in these" he held up a pair of super skinny jeans out of Louis' pile of clothes.


"Lou, please."

"No, their uncomfortable"


"No Harry"

"O' c'mon, I wore that outfit you wanted me to wear. Let this be the one I want you to wear" Harry smirked and handed Louis the trousers.

Louis put his phone on the bed next to him and sighed. "I hate you"

"I hate you too. Now put the fucking trousers in"

"O' look at you, using big boy words like "fucking""

"Fuck you"

"If you want"

"I can't say anything now can i?"

"NoPe" Louis walked in the toilet and got changed. While he was in he took another line of coke and walked out. "You could 'ave given me a top to go with it"

The trousers we're really tight. They left nothing to the imagination, for the ass anyway. The fitted to Louis' hips and thighs perfectly. They weren't too tight on the balls, which Louis was thankful for. The way the shaped around Louis' ass put every other pair of jeans to shame.

It took all Harry's will power not to grab Louis, let alone not get hard. "Fuck"


"Do you need a top"

"That can be taken two ways Harry"

"And I'm asking both"

"Yes, I need a t-shirt" Louis got onto the bed and crawled over to Harry "haz. I need a top"

"I'll do it"

"Not- not that type of top Harry"

"Oh, right, yeah, a t-shirt"  Harry gave Louis a t-shirt that would sit just above his ass and was white.

Louis put the top on and walked out of the room with his bags. "Nice outfit now let's go"

Harry walked behind Louis the whole way through the airport and onto the plane.

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