Then You Pulled The Rug

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I want to cry

It was the beginning of the hiatus and Louis and Harry were in a hotel in LA. Louis was due to head back to their London house the day after whereas Harry was staying there to talk about an upcoming film he would like to be a part of called Dunkirk.

Louis was chilling out on the couch in the living room area when Harry came in looking down at the floor. He placed himself on the coffee table in front of Louis but never met Louis gaze. "What's wrong haz?"

"I erm, I've been thinking"



"What about us?"

"Well, erm, I er"

"Haz please your worrying me" he meant forward and grabbed at Harry's hand only for them to be pulled away from him.

"Erm, well I, I don't think we can survive this hiatus"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't want to fucking do this" tears started to form in his eyes but he didn't let them fall "I think we should break up"

"WHAT!? Please say your joking" Harry never looked up at Louis' and that's how Louis knew he wasn't joking.

"I'm not, Lou look-"

"Louis to you"

"LouIS, look, I'm sorry but it's what's best for you"

"No, what's best for me is for you TO FUCKING STAY!" Tears were froming in Louis' eyes out of anger and worry. He didn't want to lose Harry. Not now not ever. But he was.

"Louis, I can't, we're not going to be together as much and your trust issues will eat you alive"

"Is that why your doing this? Your fucking braking up with me because I have trust issues, or are you cheating?"



"Your right I'm sorry. Louis, I'm not cheating, I promise. But I just think it'll be easier for the two of us."

Tears strated rolling down Louis' cheeks and Harry felt bad and tried to take it all back "Louis look I'm sorry, we don't have to, let's forget I brought I up yeah?"

"No, NO HARRY! YOU DID FUCKING BRING IT UP SO IM GOING TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR YOU! Goodbye Harry, I hope life's a disappointment I know mine will be"

And just like that he was gone.

Harry was left alone crying in his hotel room. He ran to his phone to phone Louis but he was already blocked. So he just cried and cried and cried until he fell asleep.

Louis ran out of there as fast as he could. Leaving all his stuff except his phone. His eyes were blury and filled with water, he quickly blocked Harry's number before he could call him. And he ran to his car.

He couldn't see a thing, he really shouldn't drive,but he had to get your of there. He head but the steering wheel and cryed until there was no tears left. When his eyes were all dried out he put his keys in the ignition when the door opened. "Louis?"


"Move up, your not driving" Louis did just that and Simon sat in the driver's seat and started the car. "Where you going anyway?"

"A-anywhere away from here"

Simon wasn't the nicest to the boys but it's all Louis had. Liam was busy as was Niall, Zayn hated him and well Harry wasn't his anymore. So for Louis to have Simon he was thankful.

"What's got you so teary anyway?"

"M-me and h-harry broke up"

"What? Why?"

"Oh don't act like you care"

"Louis I may seem heartless but I working on changing that. So, did you want me to take you to London and work arrangements for you schedule?"

"C-can we head to D-Doncaster so I can see my mum, I need a hug"

"Sure, Doncaster it is" Simon took Louis to his privet jet and they headed to Doncaster.

Simon's nice to Louis only. Deal with it, it's my fic

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