Day Bleed And Night Falls

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Sorrryyy I cried writing this

It was now December and Louis hadn't left Doncaster. He hasn't been seen in public much and when he has it was to release his song Just Hold On. The only time he went out was to record the song but that was it.

But recently his mum had been in hospital, he was terrified of losing her and he knew it was going to happen. He was there visiting his mother. He was trying not to cry, knowing that his mother had little life left. He chocked out a "H-hi mum"

"Hi Boo, how you doing?"

"I should be asking you that"

"I'm fine Boo, how are you?"

"Could be better, but I'm here to see you, not to talk about my miserable life"

"Louis, I need you to promise me something"


"Promise me that even when I'm not here, you will keep going, you will go back with the band and you will be the best you can"

"But mu-"

"Louis, promise."

"I promise"

Louis stayed for another hour and a half before he was forced to leave.

"I don't want you to go" tears were now rolling down Louis' cheeks as he thought of the worse.

"I won't, remember don't give up, you can do it" his mum was always one for words. And she looked at her son and gave him a hug whispering in his ear "day by day."

"I love you so much"

"I love you so much to, and I'm so so proud of you" and Louis got up to leave "take care of your sisters for me"

"You can when you come out of here"

A week later Louis was out with some friends including Stan, Luke and Oli when he got a call from the hospital. "Hello?"

"Hello, Louis Tomlinson?"

"Er, yeah"

"It's about you mum" oh shit, no, no, no, no, no "she passed away a couple of minutes ago, we thought you would like be the first to know. Would you like us to contact the rest of your family or would you like to do that"


"I know this must be hard for yo-"

"YEAH NO SHIT ITS HARD" he was crying in public, great. And Stan noticed.

"What's happened?"

"My- my- I'll tell you in a s-sec"

"Ok, let's go back" they started walking and Louis stayed on the phone.

"Louis did you want us to tell your family?"

"Erm, er c-can you t-tell everyone but my sister's. I want to tell them."

"Ok, I'm so sorry"

"I-its ok"

He hung up the phone and quickly diled in Lottie's number. She picked up on the second ring "Louis! You will not believe this, Daisy and Doris teamed up to attack me, it's so mean, me and Fizzy were just sitting down chilling watching TV an-"

"L-Lottie, I er"

"Oh my god! what's wrong? Are you crying?"

"No, I'm erm, it's mum" it just then clicked in Stan's head as he pulled Louis off and gave him a big hug letting him cry into his shoulder.

"W-what about her?"

"She erm, can you put me on speaker"

"Of course, PHEBES COME DOWN!"



"H-hi Fiz"

"What's wrong?"

"It's mum, she, she passed away a few minutes ago. I. I just got a call from the hospital." There was a silence on the other line.

The silence was broken by Daisy wailing out a "please be joking, this isn't funny Louis"

"Why would I joke about this Dais. I'm coming over now just. Wait there for me yeah?"

"B-be quick"

"I will be as fast as I can Lot"

When he got there he was welcomed to all his siblings in tears. He gave them all a huge hug and made hot chocolates and gave them blankets. "Mum told me to take care of you, so that's what I'm going to do"

"I-i miss her l-louis"

"I know we all do. How about we watch something?"


They all say down and watched their mum's favorite films and cried together.

Louis, tried to stay strong when he was with his sister's. But when he was alone he broke. Tears feel down his face. He gripped at his mum's old pillow and cried into it. It still smelt like her. He misses the smell. The smell of roses and vanilla. He went through her old photo album of photos of them all. And he cried himself to sleep at all the memories.

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