Chapter 27

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***Lisa's POV***

After the party, I stayed for a little bit longer to have a few more drinks. What happened in the dance floor still keeps rewinding in my head.

What was the look you gave me, Jennie? Why didn't you push me away? Had the music not stopped, are you going to allow me to kiss you?

I feel like we're going farther from each other. I wanted to know the things she wanted to tell me but could not, for whatever reason.

I emptied my glass then decided to go home. This has been a long night, and I will never get my answers here.

I walked to my car and drive back to my apartment. I was about to open my door when I heard the elevator chimed.

There are only two tenants in this floor, Jennie and I. So the passenger on the elevator could only be..

“Jennie,” I softly said when I saw her walk out of the elevator.

She stopped for a while then continued walking to her door.

“Did you just get home too?” I heard her say.

“Yeah, I stayed for a while after the party,” I answered.

“Hmm…” she just hummed.

“So.. uhmm.. goodnight Jennie,” I said then I was about to enter my apartment when she stopped.

“Would you like to come inside? You know, to catch up or something,” she suddenly said.

And who am I to reject her?

“Sure,” I said then closed my door.

I went inside her apartment then she closed the door.

She sat on one of the couches and I did the same, the one across from her.

“Would you like some drinks?” She offered but I declined.

“So.. I thought you're gonna spend the night in your parents’ house? I saw you left with them earlier,” I asked.

“Yeah, we left together but I went to the hospital. Kai just had his surgery this afternoon and I went to check on him,” she answered.

“How is he?” I asked her. Not that I'm worried about her boyfriend, but I think it's just proper to ask that after what I did to him.

“He's getting by..” she said.. then we stayed quiet again for a while.

I saw her playing with her fingers, she only did that whenever she's nervous when she was younger.

When did she become nervous around me?

“What are you nervous about, Nini?” I asked her. She was never nervous, she's the most confident woman I know.

“Uhmmm… so Kai and I have talked about… that thing.. you know, his affairs.. and he explained his side and asked for an apology..” she said.

“And of course, you accepted it,” I finished what she was saying.

If she didn't, she wouldn't be visiting him in this wee hours..

“He said he was sorry, and that he's not gonna do it again.. he said he will make it up for me once he gets out of the hospital..”

Well maybe I should do something so he won't get out anymore..

“I see..” I said.

“Lisa,” I heard her call me.

I looked up to her to see her looking at me.. I waited for her to continue what she was about to say..

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