Chapter 16

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***Jennie's POV***

I woke up at the sound of my alarm. It's 7 AM and I need to get ready for school. My first class starts at 9 AM and I'm really a slowpoke hence, the 2 hours allowance.

I walked inside my bathroom while remembering the events from last night, I couldn't stop the smile that showed on my face. Kai picked me up from school eventhough he knows Lisa is always with me.

We had a simple early dinner and he asked me on a date this weekend, he said he wanted to watch the new movie that was premiered a couple of days ago, and of course I agreed. Every time spent with him is memorable and enjoyable, and I wanted nothing but to treasure every single second I am with him.

Is this the excitement of experiencing young and first love?

Everytime I think of him, I feel butterflies in my stomach, and no matter how many times I've seen him and spend time with him, that feeling never goes away.

However, I still don't get why him and Lisa don't get too well. They're civil with each other, yes, but that's the most they can be with each other. They don't even try to talk to each other unless it relates to me.

How wonderful it would be if two of the most important people in my life will be friends, or at least warm up with each other..

I sighed. There is no use of thinking about things I have no control of.

I finished my bath then went outside to get dressed. Once done, I went to our dining room to see my dad and mom having their breakfast.

"Good morning everyone!" I greeted them.

"Good morning honey. Go eat your breakfast, it's Wednesday so the traffic is going to be hard," my mom told me.

I sat down while waiting for our househelp to finish putting food on my plate.

"Make it fast, I will take you to your school. I have some things to do there," my dad said.

"Okay. By the way, Kai invited me on a date this weekend," I told my parents. I'm not really asking for their permission, I'm just letting them know.

"That's lovely, sweetie! I remember the first time I fell in love with your dad, I wanted to spend every single second with him," the way my mom looked at my dad says more than what she just said.

"So was I dear," my dad said then held my mom's hand.

"But you, young lady, have been spending more time with him than with us, don't you think so?" my dad then looked at me.

"Dad, I thought you liked him for me? And like what mom said a while ago, you also experienced what I'm feeling right now, right?" I asked him. But I must admit, what he said was true.

"I do, but what I had with your mom then was genuine love, I really adored her, and I couldn't see myself with anyone other than her, up to now," he once again looked at my mom lovingly.

"And you think what I feel for him is nothing like that?" I kinda feel hurt.

My dad didn't answer and just drank his coffee. I looked at my mom hoping to get an answer but she just smiled at me.

Am I missing something here?

"Are you done? We should get going," my dad then said.

"Sure," I answered him then kissed my mom goodbye then went outside to get inside the already parked car in front of the main door.

I was surprised when I saw Bambam sitting on the passenger seat and Hanbin as the driver. Sure, Hanbin is my dad's personal bodyguard so it was not a surprise, but Bambam? He's just here whenever Lisa's not around.

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