Chapter 12

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***Jennie's POV***

It's been over a year since Lisa started her post as my bodyguard. Since the incident that happened at the museum, my dad has been trying to convince me to up my bodyguard number but I didn't want to. I feel like Lisa is enough, more than enough, really. I have no intentions on replacing her, she's not just my bodyguard, she's also my best friend. And replacing her means spending little time together, so it's a no no.

For Kai, he has stated his intentions in courting me, and he's been very consistent in showing that he cares for me. We hang out a lot and I very much like him. My mom and dad approve of him. He's a nice and funny guy. I just don't get it why Lisa and him don't seem to like each other..

“Lisa, can I ask you a question?”

It was a Saturday morning and we are just staying at home. I am having my usual morning snack at the garden and Lisa was just sitting across the table, busy reading some newspapers.

Lisa, are you an old lady? Newspaper? Really?

“Hmm,” was all her reply.

“Why do you hate Kai?” She looked at me then returned her gaze at the newspaper.

“Hate is such a strong word, Ms. Kim.”

“Ok so let me rephrase it. Why don't you like Kai?” I saw her sighed before answering.

“It's not that I don't like him. It's my job to protect you,” she answered.

“Why? Do you think he's going to hurt me?” I asked her again but she didn't answer.

“Lisa, of all the suitors that I have, you're only indifferent when I'm with him,” I insisted.

“Jennie, I'm civil to all your suitors,” she said.

“Yes, you're civil but you're indifferent when it comes to him,” why can't I get a straight answer from this woman?

I saw her sighed once again before folding the newspaper, indicating that she's giving me her full attention now.

“Jennie, why are you asking me this? I'm just your bodyguard, my opinion towards your suitors shouldn't matter,” she said while looking at me.

I feel hurt with what she said. We've known each other for almost 2 years now and she's still saying that she's just my bodyguard.

Technically she's right but she's more than that..

“I'm asking you as my best friend, Lisa. I want to know your opinion and what you think of them, especially him.” I told her.

“Why, Jennie? Why are you asking me this?” She was looking at me intently.

What kind of look is that?

“I'm thinking of accepting the love he's offering. I mean, he's kind, sweet, funny, comes from a good family, he is responsible, and at a young age he's already showing to be a successful businessman. He's already running their family business. My parents approve of him, especially my dad. And my friends like him, they too enjoyed his company.” I looked at her waiting for her answer.

I saw her stiffened before taking a deep breath.

She held out her hand, trying to reach mine, so I reached out my hand too. She held it firmly before answering my question.

“It seems like you've made up your mind already. If you're happy with him, then be with him. If you think he's worthy of giving your first love, then give him your first love,” she said while holding my hand.

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