Chapter 30

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***Jennie's POV***

I was in my deep slumber when I woke up because of a sweet aroma I whiffed in the air.

I tried to open my eyes but I found it hard to do so, my eyelids feel heavy. I tried to close my eyes for a few seconds and when I opened them again, I noticed I was not in my room. I tried to move to look around and that's when I felt it.

A stinging pain between my legs.

I removed the blanket covering my body and I was so shocked to see I was butt naked under the cover! And that's when memories from last night flashed before my eyes.

What the hell, Jennie! You slept with Lisa! Your best friend! On the night of your supposed wedding day!

Shit! What should I do?!

Okay okay, relax.. relax.. you're an adult, you're capable of handling any situation.. just keep calm..

I took a deep breath and released it slowly to calm my raging heart. Once I've calmed down, that's when I noticed I was alone in the bed. I sat up and was about to get up when I noticed something on the bed sheet.


Shiiiiiit! Silly girl! I really did it! No no no, I just didn't do it, I begged her to do it!

I remembered I was the one who initiated it. Lisa tried to stop me but I didn't let her, and even when we were doing it, she gave me multiple times to change my mind..

And multiple orgasm at that.

Stop it you brain! You're not helping!

I was about to go to her bathroom when I noticed a note on her bedside table.


If your head hurts because of too much crying from last night, drink this.


As much as I love you biting my neck and shoulder, please refrain from biting my ears, I still need them.


Eventhough I'm not seeing myself, I know I was blushing so hard because of how hot my face is. I remember biting her shoulder and her ear while she was…

No! Stop it! I need to take a bath to relax myself!

I walked inside Lisa's bathroom to take a quick shower. When I removed the blanket covering my body, that's when I noticed the marks she left on my body from the mirror.

I have love bites all over my body. Neck, shoulders, breasts, tummy, and even in my thighs.

God Lisa, how rough can you be?

No.. she was not rough.. she was so patient and gentle last night.. such a gentlewoman..

Stop it Jennie and just take a quick shower!

But that's not all.. I also noticed something in my eyes.. there was, it was glowing? I shook my head. That's just plain stupidity.

I hastily finished my shower and used the towel that was in the cabinet to cover myself.

I have no clothes here. I tried to open Lisa's wardrobe and took one of her shirts. Good thing it was big so it goes just under my butt, enough to cover whatever that needs to be covered.

I tried to calm myself before going out of her bedroom. I know Lisa's just in the kitchen because I hear slight movements and I was awoken by the smell of something she's cooking.

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