Chapter 18

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***Lisa's POV***

After ending the call, I put my phone inside my bag and rested my back on the comfortable plane seat, trying to get a little sleep throughout the flight.

Jennie's pissed because I didn't tell her that I'll be leaving for a while, and the phone call just made it clearer. But I think this is much better than face her anger head-on. I'll be gone for 2 weeks and I don't think she would still be mad by the time I get back to Korea.

I stopped thinking about her and made my mind go blank. I need to be at my best when I arrive in Thailand.

The agency got a call from the Interpol and they wanted us to do an espionage in one of the largest drug suppliers in the world. One of their informants said that a large drug shipping is going to happen in Thailand, and they knew I was from Thailand so they asked for me specifically to handle the mission.

They wanted to know the exact time, rendezvous point, and where these cargos are to be taken. All they wanted from me is to act as a spy, nothing more true ing less. Once I got the information needed, I'll be out of the mission and the Interpol will take it from there.

I have one week to get all these information, if I'm gonna finish it sooner the better, because I also need to handle personal business here in Thailand.

Though I've been orphaned at a tender age, and my father, Kenji, who took me under his care and didn't treat me otherwise, didn't hide the fact from me about my parents.

My parents were pretty well-off then, with chains of restaurants and businesses under their name. However, with their early demise and me being adopted by my father, my parent's businesses were seized by my father's brother, a good for nothing SOB who, instead of taking good care of the businesses, used up all the income for his personal pleasure. And now, it has come to my adopted father's attention that the business is facing trouble that if not properly taken care of, could be taken away from us, Manobans.

He didn't want that to happen, he said that it was my parent's legacy and I should be the rightful owner. Thus, he arranged some things so that the company will be transferred under my name. I only have to show myself personally to the judge to let them know that I am alive and in the right state to takeover the ownership.

I just hope I can finish everything the soonest possible time. I'm still here in South Korea but I'm already missing her so much..

I just sighed then tried to get some sleep.

I was awaken when I heard the pilot announced our arrival. I waited for a few more minutes before i took my hand carry bag and left the airport.

My father already arranged the place I'm gonna stay in. The house looked like a couple more strong winds and it's gonna go down, which is perfect to conceal my presence.

Who would think that someone is still living in a place like this?

Once I got settled, I setup double locks and hidden cameras surrounding the house, this is for my own safety because we wouldn't know if we're gonna get double-crossed in every mission.

Once everything is in place, I decided to start my espionage.

Based from the information that we got, members of the gang distributing the drugs are frequent visitors of a night club, the Laser Disc Hostess Bar in Thailand and they go there every Saturdays and Sundays. Today is Wednesday and this is the best time to go there.

To avoid any lurking eyes, I need to make myself be known in the club and I need to go there on a regular basis so that the bouncers and bartenders, even the hostesses, will be familiar with my presence.

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