Chapter 37

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***Lisa's POV***

Being away from Jennie has been proven to be very challenging. I wanted to see her, to call her, but I'm always stopping myself because I knew that the second I hear her voice, I'm going to take the earliest flight to go back to Korea.

I have spent my two weeks in Thailand by burying myself at work during the days and my nights on the gym so when I get home, I only have to sleep due to fatigue. Because if not, I would be spending my nights thinking of her and that's going to be a torture.

I have been so used waking up every morning with her cuddled up in my arms, hair disheveled from previous night's tryst, her soft snore that I always find cute, and the way she slightly scrunched her nose whenever I kissed her forehead before I take my morning shower.

I can't see myself without her anymore… and I will never ever allow anyone to take her away from me.. unless Jennie wants to.

So, I have decided to confess to her when I return back from Thailand.

If she accepts me, I will forever be grateful to the heavens for giving her to me.

If not, then I will treasure all the memories we have shared, and spend my remaining days relieving them, from the first day I saw her running down their grand staircase up to when the last time I'm gonna see her beautiful face.

Just thinking of her rejecting me, brings immeasurable pain to my heart. But if one day she finds the love of her life, I will accept the news with a smile on my face, no matter how bitter that smile would be, for I know she has finally found her true and real happiness.

“Ms. Manoban?” I was pulled out from my trance when I heard my name being called out.

I saw my board of directors and secretary looking at me, waiting for my comment regarding the presentation they have shared.

I cleared my throat before answering. “I will look into your reports and will schedule another meeting to further discuss this thing out. Meeting adjourned.”

The directors left the room one after another but I heard them murmuring with each other. I really cannot blame them though, it was pretty obvious I was not paying attention to whatever they were discussing.

Before I left the conference room, I looked back to my secretary. “I want the minutes on my desk before you leave tonight. In addition, please also provide a detailed summary as to what transpired a while ago.”

I didn't wait for her answer. I went back to my office to grab my phone and check if someone left me a message only to find there's none.

A soft smile found its way on my lips when I saw my wallpaper. It was a picture of Jennie and I when we went to Asiatique.

“I miss you, Jennie” I said to no one.

Like me, she hasn't contacted me for the past two weeks. Probably because she was also stopping herself for the sole reason I also have.

“Two more days..” I put my phone back on my desk and once again buried myself to work.


***Jennie's POV***

“Ahhh! I cannot take this anymore!” I emptied my margarita then slammed my glass on the table.

“Hey hey! Relax girl! What's gotten into you?” I heard someone said and when I looked around, I saw my friends looking weirdly at me.


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