Chapter 10

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***Lisa's POV***

I know I should not use my gun, not because I can't but because I don't want to do it in front of Jennie. I don't want to traumatized her by bursting out this sonofabitch's brain in front of her.

So instead of pulling out my gun, I took one of my magazines and threw it to his right hand wherein he was holding a sharp wooden knife.

He dropped his knife and when he was about to turn around, I kicked the back of his knee which caused him to drop on his knees. I held the back of his head then slammed it on the floor then twisted his left arm to his back.

“Argh!” The man shouted.

The commotion has caused for the guests to gather around where we are. Their murmurs and whispers sounded like bees to my ears. I was so livid that Jennie almost got hurt just because I wasn't paying much attention, I was too busy watching her and the guy do their thing.

Damn it, Lisa! Get your fucking brain back to your head!

“Lisa! What's happening here??” I heard Mr. Kim's voice. I turned around and saw he was standing a few meters away from us. Mrs. Kim went to Jennie's side and hugged her daughter trying to console her.

When I looked up to see Jennie, my heart hurts with what I saw. Jennie was standing there, her eyes, with their unshed tears, are looking back and forth to me, to the guy, and to the knife that was just a few inches away to where the guy is lying.

“This guy tried to stab Ms. Jennie with the wooden knife he hid inside his sleeves, Sir.” I said trying to explain the situation.

I heard Mrs. Kim gasped and Jennie, as if just waiting for the confirmation about what was happening, could no longer hold back her tears. Her tears were flowing and her hands were shaking so bad that I just wanted to hold her and console her and tell her that everything is okay now.

Because of what I have said, the murmurs and whispers have turned into a full blown commotions.

“Oh my! What a horrible thing to do!”

“She's still too young to experience this thing!”

“New event but again, it is still Kim”

“I feel too bad for her”

“How did that weapon get past the security?”

“Didn't you hear? It's a wooden knife, dumb ass”

“Enough!” Mr. Kim said with his authoritative tone. He turned around and looked at the man lying on the floor.

“Mr. Song, why did you do that?” He asked the guy, who I now know as Mr. Song. When he didn't answer, I twisted his left hand resulting for him to cry out in pain.

“Stop! Stop!” He blurted out. I loosened up my hold on his hand but I still didn't let go of it.

“When you buy out my company by getting all my clients, not only did I lose my company, but I also lost the legacy left to me by my ancestors. And do you know what's worse than that? I lost my family!” He said while looking up to Mr. Kim, looking straight to his eyes.

“My wife left me together with our daughter! They were so ashamed of me because I wasn't able to save the one company we have! And it's all because of you!” I feel his body shaking so much, indicating the anger he's feeling at the moment.

“I know I wouldn't be able to get close to you because your bodyguards are always there 24/7. And I thought, a revenge through you wouldn't be worthwhile because you wouldn't experience the pain of losing the one thing that's important to you.” He then turned his look at Jennie.

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