Chapter 14

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***Lisa's POV***

Today is Jennie's birthday and the Kim's household has been very busy since yesterday evening preparing everything for tonight's party.

The organizer has been giving orders non-stop, the band is busy setting up their instruments, caterers were also busy preparing their menu.

It's a little over 1 in the afternoon and the party is going to start at 6 in the evening. I only saw Jennie for a bit this morning and after that, I haven't seen her again. She was busy getting ready for tonight's party. I saw her designer and make-up artist going back and forth her bedroom, indicating that they're preparing Jennie.

I, on the other hand, too am busy stationing the security, from the main gate to the driveway to the garden and to the main house. If possible I would be stationing them every step of the way but that's gonna be too much. Plus I trust our people. I also assigned at least 2 agents to be beside Mr. and Mrs. Kim the entire night, and additional lookouts on the neighborhood. As for Jennie's protection, of course I'd be looking out for her and Bambam.

I looked at my clock again. It's now 4 PM. I took out my phone and texted.

“Can I come over?” I typed then send it.

“Sure,” the reply said.

So I walked in front of her bedroom and knocked four times.

When it opened, it revealed Jennie with a light make-up on and sporting big curls perm, and she's only wearing a bathrobe.

“Lisa, is there any problem?” She asked me.

“None, I was just checking if everything's okay here?” I asked her.

“Yes. You want to come inside?” She opened her door more widely.

I just looked around and saw a lot of people inside.

Dang they're too busy.

“Nah, I won't be long. I'm also checking things downstairs. And ahmm, I just wanted to give you this,” I pulled out the gift I hidden on my back.

“Oh my gosh! It's the bear from the claw machine!” Jennie excitedly said. (A/N how come I imagine Rosé when I was typing this?)

“Well yes. I saw how frustrated you were when you couldn't get it, so I thought why not take my chances and give it to you as a present?” I said nervously. I know she liked the bear but I'm not sure if she wanted to receive that cheap thing as a birthday present.

“Oh gosh Lisa thank you!” Then she hugged me tightly. “Thank you for giving me Nini,” she said when she let go.

“Nini?” I asked her. Who's Nini?

“This!” She held out the stuffed toy. “I'm naming her 'Nini’,” she said.

“Oh okay. That's a cute name,” I told her.

“Of course! Because she was given to me by a cute person too,” she said teasing me.

“Oh wow why do I feel like I just got demoted? I usually get praises like hot, cool, handsomely beautiful.. and now you're saying I'm only cute?” I told her riding her joke.

“Really Lisa, you and your witty comeback,” she chuckled.

“Jennie, we need to finish your make-up now,” someone from inside called out her attention.

“Well, I better get going.” I told her then said my goodbyes.

“Thank you again for the gift, Lisa” she smiled which I answered with a smile too and a nod.

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