Chapter 7

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***Jennie’s POV***

It's been 5 months since Lisa started her role as my bodyguard, and to say that I feel safe whenever she's around, and that's like almost 24/7, will be an understatement.

She's met all of my friends and they all like her. She can be stoic and look frigid on the outside but really, she's the sweetest! Especially when there's only the 2 of us. She can be funny too, and I found out that she's an intelligent girl. She has finished her studies when she's 16, aside from the fact that she has been training to be an agent since she was young.

We have gotten really close, and I consider her as one of my best friends. We have talked about our personal lives, and she has opened up to about her parents. My heart goes out on her, I couldn't even imagine losing my parents! And she was still a kid when that happened.

My parents allowed her to take a break on weekends since I'm mostly staying at home during those times, but whenever I need to go out she would cancel her plans and accompany me. They like her and didn't treat her any differently. Before, whenever I asked for their permission to go out, they would always ask me where I'm going, who am I meeting, what time would I be home, etc etc etc. But since Lisa started her role, they have never, and I mean never, asked me anything whenever I asked for their permission. They trust her that much, and I do too.

Whenever we're out, we would always walk side by side, not because she needs to be beside me at all times but because I insisted it. I remembered during her first few days, she would just walk a couple of meters behind me and I didn't like it. I felt like someone's been following me the entire time that's why we have talked and came up with an agreement that she is to walk beside me.

I noticed other girls are looking at her with awe when we're out. Who wouldn't? She's perfect in her own rights! She's tall, has a nice physique, and a face that would put Barbie to shame! Even some of my friends are looking at her like that but Lisa doesn't seem to notice it. She would remain unbothered and wouldn't even take a glance at them. Maybe she's already taken? I asked her about her lovelife but she said she's single but I doubt it. I've seen her sporting a couple of hickies but she just shrugged whenever I ask her about it.

“Lisa-yah,” I called her to get her attention. She's currently driving me to my meeting place with my friends. It's Friday night and we decided to have dinner in one of the restaurants in Seoul.

“Hmm?” She just hummed without taking her eyes off the road.

“Can you teach me how to shoot a gun?” I asked her.

“No” she simply answered.

“What about self-defense?” I asked again.


“What ab-” but I was cut off by her answer, which is again…


“But Lisa! How can I protect myself??” I insisted.

“That's why I'm here, protecting you is my job.” Again, she simply answered.

“What if you're no longer around?” I really wanted to learn at least the basics of self-defense. I've been relying to people since I can remember, and I want to change that. I know there will come a time that I should stand on my own, and I want to start learning now.

“And why would that happen? Are you going to fire me now?” Lisa said while chuckling.

“No! It's just that, I want to at least know I can do something for myself…” I answered her while looking out the window.

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