Chapter 5

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***Jennie's POV***

I woke up at the sound of my alarm. I tried to reach for it and look at the time.

7 AM?? And on a Saturday?? Who the heck set my alarm on when I remembered not setting this on weekends??

Then as if on cue, my Mom went inside my room.

"I know you'd be awake by now. And if you're wondering, I was the one who set your alarm," she told me.

"Mom! Why would you do that?? It's Saturday! I need my sleep! And my head is killing me I just wanna lay down and rest ~~~" I whined hoping she'd leave.

"No young lady, you need to get up now. Be at the dining hall in 30 mins and don't make your dad wait any longer. He really didn't like what happened last night. Why would you go to a bar and drink till late in the evening with some stranger? What if something happened to you?" She started to bombard me with questions.

I picked up my pillow and covered it in my ears. Gahd her voice is killing me more than this hangover!

"Mom! I didn't drink with a stranger! I was with my friends!" I answered her.

"Oh yeah? Then why was I told that there was an addition to your group? And that this stranger was the one who took you home?" She insisted.

"She's not a stranger! She sav-" I was cut off when she raised her hand signaling me to stop.

"Stop now and get ready. We will be waiting for you at the dining hall. Don't make us wait too long, we have a guest that you need to meet," and with that, she left my room.

"Argh!" I shouted then started walking towards my bathroom.

"Guest? This early in the morning? And on a weekend?? God does this person didn't know it's never right to visit anyone during their rest day?? Don't they have their own lives to take care of??"

Okay this is just me bitching around because of this freaking hangover. I feel like my head is about to split in half. I know I wasn't that drunk last night, I was just tipsy and I can still remember everything that's happened the other night. Maybe our drinks were traitors.

While I was replaying the events from last night, from me getting to the bar then to me dancing alone on the dance floor to some prick who tried to harass me then to Lisa arriving to save my ass.


I couldn't help the smile that formed on my lips when I remembered her; from when she saved from that prick to her sending me home last night. I feel safe whenever she's around. I feel like I can put my very own life in her hands because I know she's going to protect me. I don't know how and why I feel like this, but I know when this started.

"The moment I saw her standing beside my dad," I said to myself.

My mind once again wandered on that day when my dad returned home safely. A young lady was standing beside him, blood on her clothes, fatigue and stress were written very clearly on her face though she tried to hide it by standing tall and keeping her face void of any emotion. I just knew there and then that she was the one who saved my dad.

Seeing her again last night really did surprise me. I kept asking my dad about her whereabouts because I felt like I wasn't able to thank her enough for what she did to my family but my dad said there's no need as they were just doing their job. However, I knew it wasn't just the reason. Their group is special, I just knew it when it was the President himself who asked for their help. It was a favor.

I stopped myself from thinking any more of it because it was all in the past now. I hastily finished my shower because I don't want to make my dad wait any longer and their "special guest".

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