Chapter 1

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Gunshots can be heard everywhere. A couple of shouting; giving orders to whoever is still alive, groans coming from wounded mercenaries, and another gunshot between their eyes to make sure that they're dead.

Walking stealthy, the leader of the extraction team held her hand up, signaling the other 2 agents behind her to halt. Looking behind the wall, she saw their target was being guarded by 6 men, fully armed and looking at every possible entry point while pointing their guns out. She looked back to signal about the situation inside the room and directed the other agent for a smoke grenade. The man nodded then took out his M18 smoke grenade, walked in front of her then rolled the canister inside the room.

Mercenaries inside the room were alerted about their presence when they saw the smoke.

“They're here!” Someone shouted inside the room and another voice shouted, “kill them! Kill everyone who enters that door!”

All the mercenaries pointed their guns on the door then shot blindly, not even making sure if someone's entering or not, they just wanted to make sure that no one is coming inside the room.

The agents did nothing, they just waited outside the room, waiting for the right moment. When the leader heard the “click” sound, signaling that the mercenaries emptied their magazines already, she shouted to her men,”Let's go!”

They entered the room swiftly, get in position, and killed all the mercenaries before they even realized who entered the room. Only 1 person was left breathing in the middle of the room; arms tied behind the chair he's sitting on, head covered using a black cloth.

The leader pressed her tactical headset. “I got eye on the prize. Prepare to evacuate.”

“Roger that.” Said the person at the other end of the radio.

She looked at the other 2 agents behind her, telling them to look out on the door for any possible threat.

“Affirmative” they both said.

She walked to the man and then removed the black cloth covering his head.

“You're safe now, Mr. Kim” she told the captive.

Mr. Kim, the one being rescued, just looked at the young woman. Probably still couldn't believe that he's being saved, adding the fact that his rescuer is a woman, and young for that matter. When he collected his self, he cleared his throat.

“Th-thank you, thank you so much. I-I owe you my life” he said shakily while still looking at the young woman.

The young woman only nodded then went behind his back to untie the rope and helped him stand up. They heard a helicopter landing on the rooftop.

The young woman held Mr. Kim on his right arm.

“I want you to stay close to me and don't do anything foolish. You run when I say run and you stop when I say stop. Did I make myself clear, Mr. Kim?” The young woman said.

The middle aged man only nodded, suddenly feeling nervous on what's about to happen.

“Evacuation team ready.” The man on the other end announced.

“Prize is on the move.” The young woman said and with that, the four of them started their way to the rooftop.

Gunshots can still be heard not far from where they are, making Mr. Kim flinch every now and then.

“Still no word from the Bravo Team?” The young woman asked her 2 men, while still maintaining her sharp senses alert.

“They're on their way to Point 2” the other one answered. With that, they continued their way going to the rooftop. Out of nowhere, a lone mercenary jumped in front of them then fired his gun.

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