Chapter 33

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***Lisa's POV***

Jennie and I are making our way to the restaurant, with me driving my Maserati and she just doing her thing in the passenger seat, just being pretty and cute at the same time.

How she can do that is beyond me, really. Just a Jennie Kim thing.

“So, what are we having tonight?” She asked me while she busied herself by playing with my hand that was resting on the gear shift.

“Hmm.. I made a reservation at an Italian restaurant. I hope it's to your liking?” I quickly looked at her before returning my eyes on the road.

“Sounds delicious! Now I'm starting to get famished!” Jennie said then she dramatically held her stomach, as if saying she's really hungry.

“Stop with your antics, silly. We are already here.” I told her then I parked the car in front of the restaurant.

“Yey!” I heard her say before I went out of the car. I walked to her door then I assisted her out.

“Chivalrous as ever, Lisa,” she said when she took my hand.

“But of course, I need to be one when I have a beautiful date in this lovely evening,” I told her then I winked at her.

She averted her eyes then she looked down.

Is that a blush I see in her cheeks?

I smiled when I saw it but I didn't say anything. I don't want to ruin the moment by teasing her.

I gave my car key to the valet then one of the hostess greeted us.

“Good evening, Ms. Manoban and Ms. Kim. I am Joy and I'll be your hostess for tonight. Please follow me and I will show you your table,” she greeted us with her welcoming smile then showed us to our table.

Jennie and I are now enjoying our main course while sharing some good laughs when I thought..

I feel it. This is the right moment.. I'm gonna tell her tonight what I'm feeling for her.. Yes! I can do this!

With the confidence I was feeling, I reached out to hold her hand when suddenly, I heard a voice called my name.

“Lisa? Oh my gosh it was really you!” I don't have to turn around to know who was calling me, with her accent I knew right away.

“Josephine,” I greeted her. She leaned in for a hug so I didn't have a choice but to accept it. When we pulled away, I took a side glance to look at Jennie and there she was, looking at me with her questioning eyes.

“I didn't notice it was you at first because you changed your hair! And wow, you looked extremely hot in it,” she ran her hand to my hair before leaning in closer. “And I think I just wet myself,” she whispered in my ear but I know it was more than a whisper because Jennie put her knife down, I'm sure she heard it because Josephine didn't even try to be discreet about it.

I gulped before talking. “So uhmm.. this is Jennie. Nini, this is Jojo, my f- friend.” I introduced them to each other.

God did they turn the aircon off? I feel hot all of the sudden!

Jennie reached her hand out for a handshake.

“Jennie.” She said with a tight smile.

Josephine looked at her hand for a couple of seconds before accepting it.

“Josephine. But like Lili said, you can call me Jojo,” Josephine said, showing her fake smile too.

“So uhmm.. what are you doing here? I didn't know you're back in South Korea?” I asked Josephine, trying to break the tension.

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