Chapter 34

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***Lisa's POV***


The elevator chimed when we reached our floor. I let Jennie step out first.

Or more likely she quickly stepped out of the elevator.

The drive home was.. uneventful, to say the least. She did not utter a single word, and she did not move an inch from hear seat, not even a single strand of her hair moved, she was like a statue, silently sitting there, not moving.

But don't let her silence fool you, for I know that deep within that silence is a storm brewing, waiting for the right moment to strike, like a volcano that has been dormant for a very long time.

And tonight, that volcano will erupt.

She went straight to her door, entered her passcode, and went inside without closing the door. I followed her inside and I wasn't even done closing the door when she started with her tirades.

Here goes nothing…

“The nerve of that woman! She knew I was there! She knew you were having a dinner with me and she had the guts to meddle with our date?!” Then she looked at me with her accusing eyes. “Did you know she was there that's why you made the reservation to that restaurant?!”

“What?! No, Jennie! How wou-” surprisingly she stopped me. Not.

“Oh my god! Are you still seeing her?!”


“I haven't seen her for months! Jennie please-” I tried to reach for her hand but she slapped my hand away.

“Damn it, Lisa! Are you still seeing anyone else right now?! Are you still fucking other women aside from me?!” I can no longer take the look in her eyes. There was anger, pain, hurt, and vulnerability.

I took one big step and wrapped her in a tight embrace. She tried to push me away but I didn't let her, I held her in my arms more tightly.

“Jennie, there was and there is no one else, but you.. only you.. there will be no one else..” I told her in a calm voice while I tried to soothe her back.

“I gave myself to you, without second thoughts, without inhibitions, without any regrets. I can't bear the thought of sharing you with anyone,” then I felt her wrapping her hands around my waist.

Finally, the storm has calmed down.

“You're not sharing me with anyone, never..” then I looked at her eyes, letting her see the truthfulness in them. She looked back, then her eyes travelled down to my lips. Then I saw it, her anger flared up once again.

Oh hell no!

“The nerve of that woman to leave her lipstick marks on your lips!” Then she roughly wiped my lips using her palm. “I am the only one allowed to leave marks on your lips or on any part of your body!”


Jennie grabbed my head and pulled it down, slamming her lips on mine. She kissed me with so much intensity that I worry my lips would bruise.

“Jennie sto-”

“Shut up! You did not complain when she kissed you so you don't get to complain now too!” she hissed then she bit my lower lip, like really hard. She tugged my lip between her teeth then she sucked on it too hard for my liking. When she kissed me again, I tasted blood.

She must have tasted it too because she stopped before she licked my lower lip, more likely the blood, before she kissed me again, much more gentler now then before but still hard.

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