Chapter 29 [M]

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To those who said that Lisa should not kiss Jennie, enjoy! 😌


***Lisa's POV***

“Kiss me”

I cannot believe what I have just heard. I didn't move. I didn't say anything. I just looked at her, and I saw a fragile woman who was hurting, whose heart was breaking.

As much as I wanted to, I cannot do this..

“Look, Jennie.. you're not in your right mind.. you're hurting.. you don't know what you're saying..” I told her softly.

She scoffed. “You're a liar, Lisa. You said I am beautiful, and that I am attractive.”

“You are! You are, Jennie! If only you could see yourself from my perspective, you'd know you're the most precious woman I have ever known. But this, this is not right,” I reasoned out with her.

“Then prove it to me, Lisa. Make me feel beautiful,” she straddled on my lap.

I held her arms to stop her. “Jennie, you need to sto-”

“Make me feel attractive,” then she leaned her body closer to mine. I felt her breast touching my chest, her arms starting to wrap around my neck.

“Make me feel wanted, Lisa” her hand started to run through the back of my head, slowly pulling me towards her face.

I can feel her warm breath touching my face. I can feel her heart starts to beat at an abnormal pace, or was it my own heart beating?

Are you getting affected too, Jennie? Please tell me I'm not the only one..

Then I felt it, her lips brushed in mine, but she didn't kiss me.

“Lisa, please..” she murmured in my lips.

That simple movement of her lips sends shivers to my body like never before, then I lost it.

I opened my mouth, I was so ready to capture her lips but I hold back. I looked at her, only to see her looking back at me. Then her eyes closed. I was about to pull back but then I felt it.

Her lips moved, they started to move.

I looked at her closed eyes, I watched her while she was kissing me. I didn't move, I let her do her thing. Maybe she felt I was not kissing her back because she I heard her groan then she pulled my hair back.

“Aww” I said in pain.

Wrong move, because the moment I opened my mouth, she slammed her lips into mine then she started to kiss me aggressively.

All the remaining part of my well-functioning mind find their way to the window. All the reasonings, all the logics, gone.

Tomorrow be damned! Just let me feel this tonight!

I kissed her back passionately while I let my hands roam in every part of her body.

I held her ass and repositioned her on my lap, to make her more comfortable. Wrong move though, because I felt she was sitting directly to where my crotch is. And I bet she felt it, no matter how thick her wedding gown is because she moaned softly, and I swear her moan is the sexiest sound I've ever heard, it made me harder.

“Jennie,” I moaned her name.

“Shh.. stop talking Lisa and just kiss me,” she said then she kissed me again.

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