Chapter 39

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Trigger Warning: Rape

***Jennie's POV***

"Did you wait that long?" I asked Lisa when I entered her car.

"No, I just arrived when I called you," she answered then she started driving to the club.

It's Saturday night and we are going to meet the girls. Lisa picked me up from the mansion since I've been staying there these past few days. My dad said I haven't visited him and Mom for so long. Hence, I decided to stay there a day after Lisa arrived.

Lisa would usually pick me up in the morning and we will have dinner before she dropped me home. We haven't really spend so much time together these past days since we have been busy with our respective works.

As soon as we arrived, I guided Lisa to where the girls were sitting and as soon as they saw us, Nayeon gave us a shot of vodka each, which we took with no qualms.

"Jisoo, are you feeling any better?" I asked Jisoo as we take our seat.

"Yeah. My doctor here is very strict, I really have no choice but to get better," she said as she teasingly look at Rosé.

"And who was the one who did nothing but whine whenever I was not at her side? I couldn't really stay that long in the hospital since my phone kept on ringing with a baby on the other end!" Rosé said.

"I just missed you! I had nothing else to do in the house and I felt lonely being alone!" Jisoo said while pouting.

"Oh the baby is showing! Come here come here and give me a kiss!" It was Rosé's turn to tease Jisoo as she leaned closer to give her random kisses all over her face.

I rolled my eyes at them and grabbed Lisa's hand.

"Dance with me," I said and I didn't wait for her response, I knew she would always follow me.

I put my arms around her shoulders and she grabbed me by the waist. As much as I would like to cross the small space between us, I couldn't because my friends would definitely find it weird. I'm sure they're going to ask me about our score and I'm not ready to talk this out with anyone until Lisa and I settled our score.

Lisa's body heat and scent are like poison slowly enveloping my senses; it started with my sense of touch, the feeling of her hot and firm body that my hands are getting itchy and they wanted nothing more but to travel down on her abs is really getting unbearable, and her hot hands on my waist is not helping at all.

Next is my sense of sight. Seeing how Lisa would do her slow and sexy moves made me remember how she would move on top of me whenever we're having sex, and that smirk on her lips right mean only meant one thing: she knows her effect on me.

"Damn you for teasing me like this, Manoban!" I hissed at her.

"I'm not doing anything, Ms. Kim," she said in a low voice while chuckling.

And that's my third, sense of hearing. She knows she's using her bedroom voice on me now and I nearly moaned upon hearing it. She knows how I loved hearing her sexy voice, especially when she's moaning partnered with small grunts when she's nearing her climax.

"Let's get out of here!" I almost shouted at her ear but wrong move. When I crossed the small space between us, my fourth and fifth senses collided me with so much force. I almost tasted her musky scent that I wanted nothing but to leave love marks on her neck.

God what is happening to me?! I'm like a bitch in heat!

"We can't. We just arrived here," Lisa said.

"Damn! Let's just take a seat, it's getting way too hot here," I told her then I started walking to where our table is.

"I'm just going to the washroom," Lisa said then she made her way.

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