Chapter 25

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***Lisa's POV***

“Trouble in paradise?” Irene said.

She gave a shot of vodka which I gladly took.

After I left Josephine's apartment, I went straight to Satyr to cool myself down.

“Not really a paradise based from what happened earlier,” I answered then took another shot.

Irene chuckled. “Oh well I'm gonna let you sulk all night long, don't want you venting your anger out on me. Ciao!” She left me a bottle of vodka before proceeding to doi
her job.

Irene works in Satyr as Seulgi's number 1 barmaid. She has her own flock of clients who visit the club just to see her in hopes to get under her skirt. But like what she has been saying, her body is not for sale. She's in Satyr as a barmaid and barmaid alone. Even Seulgi, who's her boss, couldn't get under her skirt.

My mind's a mess. And so is my heart. All the emotional rollercoaster I had these past days, from happy to sad to disappointment to pain and anger, I don't know where to focus my energy on.

Kai.. even after Jennie learned of your cheating, she was still willing to forgive you, to accept you..

How can that son of a bitch be so lucky..

My bottle of vodka was almost half empty when I looked around, looking for someone to spend my night with. My time with Josephine was not.. eventful.. I still need my release.

I saw the new Nymph Seulgi hired a month ago. I still haven't hangout with this new one and I decided she would be the one to keep me company for tonight.

I walked towards her direction when I saw she was already with a man. I was about to leave when I saw who the man was.

Then I saw red.

I didn't know how many steps I took and how long till I reached him, all I know is that my fist has been colliding in his face already and there were shouting around us.

“Fuck you you bastard! I will kill you!” I continued punching his face bloody face. He tried to return my punches but none reached me.

Seulgi's guards were trying to get me away from him but I didn't bulge, I punched one guard who touched my shoulder to get him off of me then I returned to punching Kai's face.

“Lisa! Damn it! Stop it! You're killing him!” I heard Seulgi said.

“I'm really going to kill this bastard!” I was uncontrollable. All those feelings I was feeling, I let them control me, clouding my better judgement.

Don't stop me! Let me have this moment!

I felt myself suddenly getting tired and sleepy and next thing I know, darkness overcame my senses.


I woke up feeling like my head was cut open and something was messing with my brain. I tried to open my eyes only to close them again because of dizziness.

“Damn…” I said to no one.

“Yes, damn,” someone said.

I open my eyes because of the voice only for the throbbing pain to shoot up my head again.

“Here drink this,” I heard the voice said then I felt a glass was put in my hand. Right now I don't care whether it's poison or what, if it can bring relief then I'm gonna drink it, no second thoughts.

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