Chapter 35

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***Lisa's POV***

“Can you bring me my coffee, please,” I said on the intercom.

“You got it, boss” said my secretary on the other line.

I turned my swivel chair around to look at my office window. Busy streets of Seoul can be seen from up here. Memories from last night flooded my thoughts.

Last night with Jennie was… eventful… We always have wild and steamy sex, but last night was different, way different.. I didn't know what had gotten into her. It's not like she would act and do something like that.. Was it out of possessiveness? Jealousy? She never acted like that with her ex-boyfriend, even when she found out that he was cheating on her.

I turned around when I heard my office door open only to see the woman who was bugging my thoughts this very moment.

“Hey. What brought you here?” I asked her.

Jennie didn't stop walking when she reached my table, instead, she circled it and went to where I was sitting, and sat on my lap, like a kid.

“I'm sleepy,” she said then snuggled comfortably on top of me, nuzzling on my neck.

“You went all the way here just to say you're sleepy?” I chuckled slightly.

“You were not there when I woke up and I wanted to cuddle,” she softly said. She looked at my lips then she gently touched the cut I had when she bit me last night.

“Was I too rough?” She asked me.

“No, you were not,” I answered her.

“Did I hurt you?” She then looked at me.

“No, you did not,” I said then I stroked her soft and round cheek.

“I'm sorry.. I didn't know what had gotten into me.. it was like I just.. snapped.. it was way too out of my character..” she said softly on my chest.

“I know, and I understand,” I told her.

“Understand what?” She asked me.

Before I could answer, I heard soft knocks coming from the door, I saw my secretary walking inside with my coffee in her hand.

“Please leave it on my table,” I told her. She just nodded and put the coffee on the table then walked outside.

“You said you're sleepy, right? Go sleep,” I told Jennie then I rubbed her back.

“You're not busy?” She asked me.

“You know I would drop everything if you needed me,” I recline my chair so we could get more comfortable in our position.

“Hmm.. always the thoughtful eh, Lisa,” Jennie said then she repositioned herself more comfortably. I just softly rubbed her back until I felt her breath becoming steady.

Jennie.. what are you doing to me? Hell, what are we even doing? We shouldn't be having sex, we shouldn't even be cuddling right now! Bestfriends aren't doing these things.. but I guess we're already way pass that.. how do you see me now? Do you still see me as your bestfriend? Or do you now see me as someone who can be more than that?

These thoughts kept playing in my head until I felt I was slowly dozing off and I didn't fight back, I let the darkness consume me.

I was startled when I heard my secretary was calling for me.

“Boss, are you awake now?” She asked me.

“Yeah, I'm sorry I fell asleep. Do you need anything?” I felt Jennie slightly moved from her position.

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