Chapter 8

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***Lisa's POV***

The months I've spent as the heiress of the Kim's Corporation's bodyguard has been like a walk in the park; no major events have happened yet aside from the bullying from time-to-time from other school's groups, which I say is mostly what's happening if you're at their age.

Whenever she has classes, I stay outside the room, waiting for their class to end, then accompany her to wherever next place she needs to be.

There were some boys who would attempt to make their moves on her but I won't let them. It's not like I'm threatening them or whatever, maybe they just get intimidated with the way I looked at them. Hell, if they couldn't tolerate my I-WILL-SKIN-YOU-ALIVE look then they have no right to look at Jennie's then, because once she looks at you, you would certainly forget everything and just be lost in her eyes. I've been captivated by those feline eyes the moment I saw them and breaking eye contact with her has proven to be very challenging. It seems like she can read your thoughts.

Does she know how I feel about her?

No! I don't want to make her uncomfortable! And I've been playing it cool so I guess I'm safe.

Whenever they hang out in the cafeteria or at the bleachers or by their school grounds, some of her classmates would try to make their intentions for me known. I know that socialites can be very liberated and open-minded but heck, they're still minors and Jennie's classmates! It's not like I can just go grab and fuck them!

Maybe I can do that once they're of legal age and don't have anything to do with Jennie anymore.

My condition, meaning me having a dick, is no secret. I know words on the streets already reached the Kims, meaning my sexcapades whenever I leave their fortress (I opt to call their mansion a fortress because it looks like that if you're gonna ask for my preferences) but I'm glad the Kims didn't bother questioning me about it and didn't treat me otherwise, especially Jennie since we hangout most of the time.

Currently, I'm accompanying Jennie to pick-up her dress that she herself designed which she will be wearing in this week's event.

A new art museum is opening and some high profiles were invited because they will also take this opportunity to ask for sponsorship. And of course, the wealthiest family in South Korea is the number 1 on their list.

Once we arrived at the shop, we were greeted by the shop owner and master cutter himself. Of course, Jennie is a VIP customer.

“Hi Jennie my dear!” Greeted by Chan-woo, the shop owner, and hugged Jennie.

“Hi yourself Chan-woo oppa,” Jennie said teasingly because she knows Chan-woo hates it the most.

“Oh god! The cringe! I told you to stop calling me that! Lisa! Can you tell this midget here to stop calling me like that?? Do I look like an oppa to you girl???” Chan-woo said exaggeratingly.

“Hey! Don't call me a midget! I am at least on the average height of female Asians!” Jennie said while slapping his shoulder.

“See?? So stop calling me oppa and I'll stop calling you midget! Deal??” Chan-woo said while offering his hand as of to seal the deal.

“Deal!” Jennie agreed then they shook hands.

“So anyway, the reason that we're here is to ask if the dress is already done?” Jennie asked him.

“But of course, dear! You said you needed it ASAP so we dropped everything we're doing and made your dress the soonest!” Chan-woo said.

“Oh gosh thank you so much! But, what about your deadlines? I hope they didn't get compromised?” Jennie said worriedly. How can she think of things like that? It's not even her business.

“Don't worry dear. As long as we can deliver your expectations, I don't care about my other customers!” He said but soon he take it back.

“Oops I'm just kidding! I need my other customers too I take it back!” He said while looking up and clasping his hands as if saying a prayer then knocked on one of his wooden mannequins three times.

“Stop being funny, Chan-woo! My tummy is already hurting!” Jennie said while holding her stomach.

“Ok ok I will stop now. Now let's get down to business, shall we? Come follow me and let me show you your dress.” Chan-woo said while guiding us into one of his VIP rooms.

“Come and see Chan-woo's magical work. For I, Chan-woo, bring to life the design you showed me.” After he said that, he moved the curtains to the side to show a golden evening gown hanging on the mannequin. It is an off-shoulder evening gown with slit on the side, which I may add, a little bit too high for my taste since it's Jennie who's going to wear this.

“OH. MY. GOD…. Chan-woo, this is amazing.. this is much better compared to what I showed you,” Jennie said while touching the dress.

“I just tweak here and there, but this is still the same idea you showed me. You want to try it?” Chan-woo offered.

“But of course!” Jennie said excitedly then went inside to the fitting room.

I noticed Chan-woo walking on my direction then stopped in front of me.

“Hi Lisa,” he greeted me.

“Chan-woo,” I said then nodded at him.

“You've been so quiet the entire time. Are you ok?” He asked me.

“Yes, I am okay. Thanks for asking,” I simply said.

“Hmm.. are you busy thinking?” He asked me again.

“Thinking about what?” I looked at him with a confused look on my face.

“About how Jennie would look like wearing that gown,” he said then giggled after.

“Chan-woo!” I almost shouted at him to make him stop.

“Oh come on Lisa dear, we're the same. And I know that look you're giving her. You can hide it to everyone but not to this seamstress eyes. Don't worry, you're fine,” he said while tapping my shoulder just when Jennie stepped out of the fitting area.










I don't know how many seconds have passed, but I literally stopped breathing. I just remembered to breathe when I felt lightheaded because of the lack of oxygen.

What I imagined how she would look like will never come close to this, this goddess in front of me.

The gown fits her body perfectly, the slit on her front area showing just enough cleavage to make your imagination run wild, her beautiful collarbones are showing and hell, I'm gonna dig that dip on her flesh that shows whenever she raises her shoulder. And god, that slit on the left side of the gown that shows her creamy leg will be the death of me.

I must be staring too hard, or too long, I don't know which one, or maybe both? But I was startled when Chan-woo shouted.

“LISA!” He shouted.

I looked at him with a confused look on my face, again. Then I looked at Jennie who seems to be worried.

“Lisa, are you okay? You suddenly looked pale,” she asked me then touched my forehead as if to see if I'm really okay.

“Yeah, yeah I'm okay. I just need to go out for a bit if that's okay. I need to take a breather,” I told her.

“Sure, Lisa. You can just wait for me in the car,” Jennie told me.

“No, I'll just be outside this room,” I said then bid my farewell.

When I looked at Chan-woo, I wanted to punch the grin on his face.

Jennie Kim! And I have to spend an entire evening, by your side, while you're wearing that dress!

Do you really want to kill me??

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