Chapter 3

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***Lisa's POV***

I entered her apartment while kissing her jaw down to her neck. I felt her wrapped her arm around my neck while the other one was busy unbuttoning my polo. I kicked the apartment door close and was about to lift her up when I heard my phone rang.

“Damn it,” I murmured while I continued kissing her neck. But my phone didn't stop ringing and I knew I had to pick it up based on the tone, it was set so I would know if it was my father who's calling.

“Don't answer it,” said the girl while she was busy kissing my neck down to my chest. I removed her arms from my neck and pick up my phone from my back pocket.

“Yes,” I answered my phone.

“I have a mission for you,” my father said.

“I'll be right there,” I told him then ended the call. “For fuck's sake!” I murmured. I just finished another mission which lasted for 4 days and this is the first day of my RnR but now I have another mission?

“Don't go,” said the girl while she was busy unbuckling my belt but I stopped her hand.

“I need to leave. I'll just send you your present,” I told her while I picked up my coat and was about to leave.

“I don't need your present, it's you that I want. It's been too long Lisa, I've missed you so much,” she persisted while hugging me from the back

I turned around and looked at her with a blank look on my face. This is what I hate the most, when girls started to act so clingy. I told them in the first place that I'm not looking for anything serious, I just need somebody that can relieve my needs and they all agreed, but after one night stand they'd come back, always asking for more. There are others who knew how to play too, and they are my favorites, no strings attached. But this girl, we've been doing it for quite sometime now and I thought she's like them. Guess this is a goodbye for her too.

I removed her arms around my waist then looked into her eyes. “What we had was nice. I'll just send you your present. Goodbye.” With that, I walked out her door and I knew I would never go back to this place again.

Once I get to the parking lot, I rode my Ducati Hypermotard out of the building going to the headquarters. This baby right here was my very first vehicle I bought using my own money. Instead of buying a car, I feel like a motorcycle would better fit my personality. I love the feeling of the bike taking you to places instead of you taking it to places. I love the carefree feeling I get whenever I ride it, I don't get to think of anything; missions, pressures, problems, all of them, they're all forgotten. I feel like I was in my own world.

Once I arrived to our HQ, I parked my bike just outside the building and went straight to my father's office. I don't like what I'm feeling right now, and I trust my instincts, the reason why I'm still alive after all the dangerous missions I've had.

I knocked thrice then turned the door handle around. I saw my father looking out at his office window while still holding his phone, probably just finished talking to whoever.

“I'm here,” I announced my presence.

He turned around then put his elbow on the table then clasped his hands while looking at me straight to the eyes. To others, he could be very intimidating, but I know him, I never got intimidated, not even once. To others, he's the owner of the top secret agency that nobody ever dared to touch.

When they heard that Himura Stealth Agency is taking over a mission, a 100% success rate is expected, they are always there to deliver. Money? They're not after that. You can offer to pay them millions and still get your request declined. Human Rights Association has been trying to put our agency down, saying that our means are not justifiable, that we don't have to kill to win a war. They could have never been more wrong. You cannot win a war without killing your enemies. We are not merciless, but if we continue to let them live, then the same thing can happen again. Ending their lives for the greater good.

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