Chapter 26

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***Lisa's POV***

It's been a week since the last time I saw Jennie, Seulgi, and everyone.

I buried myself in work. I worked until my eyes could no longer stay open, and I've been going home in my father's house since then. It's a good thing he is somewhere in North America, hence, he didn't know I've been frequenting in his house. Not that he wouldn't like it, but he'd bug me what was wrong and I don't have the energy to discuss whatever I've been going through with anyone.

Jennie hasn't contacted me yet, and I also didn't try to contact her.

I'm just tired of it all.. what Seulgi said was true, and I've been contemplating about my life since our last conversation.

I sighed then leaned back on my swivel chair.

Jennie.. she.. she's worth it, she's worth all the pain I've been feeling.. but I don't deserve to be miserable in life just because I love someone whose heart is already taken..

I have everything I wanted in life; a company of my own, money, women. I can get anything! But I don't have the one thing I needed the most..

And I'm pathetic..

My phone rang and when I looked at the screen, I didn't expect her to be calling me.

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Kim,” I greeted.

“Likewise sweetie, likewise. So, how have you been?” She asked me.

I've been living a miserable life because of your daughter.

“I've been doing good. Guess I already got the hang of running the agency without my dad breathing on my neck every single time,” I chuckled.

She laughed at the other end of the line, and I remember Jennie's laugh because they sound the same..

“So, what can I do for you, Mrs. Kim?” I asked her. It's not very usual for her to call me, it's always been Mr. Kim.

“I hope you're not forgetting the party this weekend?” She asked me.

This weekend? I don't think any party with the Kims is on my calendar.

When I checked the date, that's when I remembered..

“Oh, it's your wedding anniversary! Sorry, kinda slipped my mind,” I told her truthfully.

“It's okay, Lisa. That's why I called, to remind you. So, I'll be expecting you this Saturday night, alright?” She asked me.

“Not gonna miss it in the world,” I told Mrs. Kim.

“Okay then. I don't want to hold you much longer, I know you're a busy person. Bye Lisa” she then cut the line.

A party, eh?

Guess we will be seeing each other then, Jennie.


“Fuck Lisa! Keep doing that!” She cried out loud while I was pounding her pussy hard.

I licked her ears then I sucked the spot on her neck, making sure to leave hickies.

“Ohhh fuck! You're so good at this! I miss your cock!” She said then she grabbed my head and kissed me hard.

Our kisses are becoming sloppy while we are fucking each other like rabbits. Her legs are wrapped tightly around my waist while her hands travelled down my back.

I pulled out my cock, only to push harder this time, making her cry out louder. She bit my shoulder while her nails were digging harder on my back.

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