Chapter 17

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***Jennie's POV***

More than a week had passed since Lisa's been gone and to say that I miss so much is an understatement! I've known her for years and in those years, the longest we've been apart was only 2 days.

Though Kai finds it as a relief, I don't, and my friends are leaving proof of it. I've been acting like a bitch lately, and I'm well aware of it. I easily get irritated even at the most simplest thing. I just couldn't control myself, it's like I'm a ticking time bomb about to explode any moment.

My friends said it started when Lisa went to Thailand, but of course I told them it's not, school works are compiling thus the reason for my mood swings.

Kai also noticed these mood swings of mine. Thus, to pacify me, he asked for another dinner date this weekend.

He made a reservation in one of the well-known Japanese restaurants since he knows I love Japanese food (A/N please let me know if Jennie appreciates Japanese food or not, I have no idea)

As usual, I loved every single moment with him. I momentarily forgot about school works, and Lisa's absence.

When we were done eating, I called Bambam to ready the car and wait for us outside since we're about to go out already.

“Why wouldn't you allow me to take you home, hon?” Kai asked. (A/N eww hon *pukes*)

“It's not that I didn't want to. You know my dad, he's really protective. He wouldn't allow me to even drive around the subdivision if I'm not with Lisa or any bodyguards, what more if I'm going to hang out?” I reasoned out with him.

“Doesn't he trust me? I can take care of you,” Kai said while pouting.

He's trying to persuade me by acting cute.

I just gave a small laugh and caressed his right cheek.

“I'm sure you can. But let's not talk about this for now, okay? We still have a lot of time to be together, I'm sure you'll get your chance to take me home then,” I winked at him.

We went outside the restaurant when we saw the car arrived.

I turned to Kai and bid my farewell.

“Be careful on you way home, okay?” I told him.

“I'm always careful, hon” he said then leaned down to kiss me.

I blushed when he kissed me on my cheeks.

“Goodnight,” he told me.

“Goodnight,” I replied then continued my way to the waiting car.

Kris, the other agent assigned to me aside from Bambam, gets down from the passenger seat and opened the back door for me.

I was a few meters away from the car when a black van suddenly stopped right in front of the car, blocking its way, then 2 masked men went out.

I was in shock and stayed still on my spot, didn't know what to do.

Everything happened so fast and everything is a blur.

One guy ran towards me and grabbed me while the other guy shot Kris, I don't know if he's still alive or not because I saw him fell on the ground.

The guy carried me like I was nothing and they ran towards the waiting van.

Last thing I saw before the door closes was Bambam getting out of the driver's seat and Kai trying to run after the van.


***Bambam's POV***

Shit shit shit!

What the fuck happened!

I was collecting my thoughts while helping Kris get up.

“Are you okay there, bud?” I asked him.

“Yeah, thanks to the vest,” he said.

“Let's go then! We have a van to catch up!” I told him then I ran back to the driver's seat.

“Wait! Let me go with you!” I heard Kai, the boyfriend of Ms. Jennie, said.

I didn't answer him and started to drive in full speed.

Sorry not sorry pal, you're not our priority.

“Call the company,” I told Kris.

The van has already gained their distance and I'm not sure we can catch them up. We would be needing assistance here.

“We have a situation here,” I heard Kris said on his phone. He put the phone on speaker while talking, “Jennie Kim has been taken and we are in pursuit of a black van with plate number BPK 088. We need directions. We are here in-”

I let him talk on his phone while I get out mine.

I dialed a number and while waiting for it to be answered, I kept praying in my head.

Please please please don't kill me!

“Tell me you're seeing this,” I said calmly on my phone, hoping the person on the other wouldn't skin me alive after we take Jennie Kim back.

Sound confident? I sure am because I know she will never allow anything bad happen to her best friend.

“I'm tailing them down. Get your fucking ass here, you dumbass! There's another van tailing me, shake it off of my back!” The other person shouted.

“Roger that,” was all I answered.

I'm really dead!


***Lisa's POV***

Hang on, Jennie!

I'm going to save you!


Author's note

Short chapter!

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I love you all :-*

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