Chapter 24 [M]

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***Lisa's POV***

It was a good thing that it was Bambam who picked Jennie from the airport and not her shitty boyfriend. I didn't want to cause any commotion in front of Jennie and I don't trust myself that I would be able to control myself if I saw him.

I went straight to the agency after we landed. I've been gone for days and my secretary has been reminding me of the things I need to review when I was gone.

I miss my life in the field. I'm not cut to be trapped in this room, working behind a desk. However, I also know that this is my life now and I have to accept it.

I was reading some request for assistance when my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID to see who was calling me.

“Hey~” I heard the sultry voice greeted me on the line.

“I didn't know you're back in town,” I told her.

“That's why I'm calling you now to let you know. So, you wanna hang out?” She asked me. By “hang out”, we both knew what that really meant.

“Let me know the time and I'll be there,” I told her thinking I needed this too after all the sexual frustrations I had these past days.

“What about right now? I've missed you sooooo much~” she purred on the phone.

“I'm coming over,” I told her then hang up the phone.

I rode my bike and went straight to where her apartment is. I didn't care if I reached her place in no time, I just wanted to forget everything about work, about life, and especially about Jennie and Kai.

I rang her doorbell and the door opened in no time, seems like she was waiting for my arrival too.

Josephine Skriver, a famous model of one of the most well-known luxury brands of lingerie. We have been in this set-up for about 2 years already and I really like what we're having. No strings attached, just purely sex.

I've come to know her when they did some pictorials and an exclusive event in South Korea and their agency asked for some extra muscles for protection. Of course, the SK government didn't want to take any chances since we're talking about 20 famous international celebrities here, hence they asked for our help.

They gave us 2 VIP tickets for the said event and of course, I invited Seulgi to come with me. And as expected, Seulgi's eyes feasted on each and every models that passed our way. However, only one really caught my attention and that was her. An innocent face and alluring eyes but a body to die for.

I can also say that the same thing happened to her because when our eyes met, she didn't look away. She looked at me and held onto it. After the event, it was also her who came looking for me. After that night, we spent the next 3 days of their stay together. After her commitments, she would call to tell me where she's staying. Every night, different hotels. Her agency didn't mind as long as she would come on time for her next commitment.

Even after they left, we stayed in touch. She would sometimes go to Korea for a short vacation or I would be the one to go to where she was, but that doesn't mean we are exclusive, there were others but she's one of the best, not just on the sex part but I also like how mature she was when it comes to our set-up. And because of this set-up, she decided to rent an apartment eventhough she doesn't come to Korea on a regular basis.

“Well, that was fast,” she said while batting her eyelashes in a sexy way.

“You sure seem to be waiting for me too,” I said then I entered her apartment.

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