Chapter 19

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Author's Note

I just noticed that I used Hanbin's name last chapter,  I'm so sorry! It was Bambam and not Hanbin~>_<~

Anyways,  enjoy!


***Jennie's POV***

When they grabbed me and closed the door of the van, I knew right there and then that I was a lost case.

To say that I'm a nervous wreck and crying mess would be the understatement of the year. I was wailing like a child that one of the goons nearly hit me, but the other guy stopped him, his hand was few inches away from my face,  making me sob in silence instead.

Memories of my dad when he was kidnapped flashed in my mind. Was he also scared like me? Did he think of my mom and I like how I was thinking of them right now?

Mom, Dad, I'm so sorry for not being the best daughter in the world, but please know that I love you guys so much..

Jongin, forgive me if our relationship has come to an end in just a blink of an eye..

Lisa-yah, I'm so sorry that our last conversation didn't end well..  I'm not mad at you.. voice. d how I wish I could still say it to you..

Thinking about Lisa brought pain in my heart.. Why did I let our last conversation end on a sour note? I should have acted more mature and called her on the days she entered my thoughts..

My dad had Lisa when he was kidnapped, what about me? Lisa is in Thailand doing another mission.. Will her agency send another agent to rescue me?

Would I still be alive by then?

When I looked up, I noticed that we are now entering the highway.

No one's gonna rescue me anymore, I'm gonna die in the hands of my kidnappers.

I don't wanna die yet! I'm still too young! I have a long future ahead of me! I still want to graduate, to get married, to have kids, I'm still going to manage the Kim's Corporation!

Please someone save me!

My tears were flowing endlessly when I thought of the one person who was always by my side, even when I didn't need her, she was always there..

Lisa! I need you!

“Son of a bitch!” The one driving cursed when a black SUV stopped right in front of the van, blocking its way.

I wailed when I saw its driver went out of the car, her golden blonde hair was flowing in the evening air, her gun out and she was holding it in her right hand while she was walking directly to the van, and her eyes.. Oh god her eyes show bloodlust and endless killing intent!

“Kill her!” One of the men shouted.



***Lisa's POV***

There were many opportunities for me to save Jennie, but I couldn't do it right in the middle of the city, with so many bystanders who could possibly become casualties.

So when I noticed that they were heading to the highway, I followed them, waiting for the right moment to strike them down.

I noticed that the car following me had stopped chasing me, Bambam probably kept them busy already.

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