Chapter 9

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***Lisa's POV***

It is Saturday night now and the Kim's fortress has been very busy since this afternoon.

Three Porsche Cayenne and a Range Rover Sentinel were parked in front of the main door, waiting for their passengers.

I was in the living room, giving orders to my men about the work we're doing tonight. Since tonight is the night of the art museum opening, extra manpower were being assigned for Kim's protection. Of course, no one, including me and my father, wanted to have a repeat like what happened to Mr. Kim months ago when he attended a charity event. I will be assigned to be by Jennie's side the entire night. I'll make sure to never let her leave my sight for even a split second. Nothing's going to happen to her, not on my watch!

We are just waiting for Jennie to finish prepping up then we're good to go. While waiting, I checked my CZ 75B SP01 if it's loaded and my 2 extra mags, plus the tactical knife hidden on my right ankle.

When we heard footsteps coming down from the grand staircase, I didn't want to look up but I know I had too. So, before I turned my head, I imagined her look when she tried the dress a couple of days ago. When her image flashed in my mind, I felt the same feeling I had back then, how she looked amazing eventhough she wasn't really wearing any accessories or make-up that compliment the dress.

I tried to relax myself and normalized my breathing and when I thought I was ready to look at her, I looked up only to find out how wrong I was. I would never be ready to see the sight in front of me and get lost in that moment, again. I forgot how to breathe again, and what's embarrassing the most is I think I let out a purr sound because I saw Hanbin, one of our agency’s most trusted agents, looked at me.

“You're drooling,” he told me while wiping his invisible drool as if telling me to wipe mine. I raised my thumb and wiped the right side of my lips only to find it dry.

“Damn you, you're a dead man after this evening,” I cursed at him which only gained a chuckle from him.

I returned my attention to Jennie once again and I saw her already at the bottom of the staircase, making her way to her parents.

She simply let her hair down, but she have them in big curls. She complemented her dress with yellow gold earrings and a matching bracelet. Instead of wearing heavy make-up for the event, she's only wearing a light make-up; just an eyeliner to put emphasis on her feline eyes and light lipstick.

She looked expensive and fancy but also simple.

“Are you ready?” Mr. Kim asked Jennie.

“Yes dad,” she simply answered.

“Ok then,” Mr. Kim looked at me. “We're leaving now, Lisa” he told me.

I nodded then signalled my men to get ready. I raised my right hand and speak on my microphone

“Package is ready to move,” I said so every agents will be aware and be in position.

I assisted the Kims to their car for tonight, the Range Rover Sentinel, which is a bulletproof car. Per protocol, each Kim should take one 1 car each and 1 convoy per car. However, the 2 ladies of Kim household don't want to be far from their man and insisted that they ride with him. I couldn't blame them, honestly. Maybe they're still afraid that Mr. Kim might be kidnapped again tonight. So with that, just 1 car for the Kims and 3 convoy cars will be used.

Being Jennie's personal bodyguard, I'll be riding with them tonight, and that was also instructed by my father. If anything happens tonight, he said he'll be disowning me and throw me in a war-zone country with nothing on my arsenal.

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