Chapter 21

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***Lisa's POV***

"Have you already packed your things?" I asked her on the phone.

"Yes! They're all set!" she answered excitedly.

I chuckled on the phone when I heard how excited she was.

"Now, now.. you don't have to be that excited, you know?" I told her.

"But I've always wanted to come with you, you just didn't allow me," I can already imagine her pouting while saying those words. "How long has it been? Three? Four years? And you only give in now!"

"Okay there's no need to get agitated!" I told her while laughing on the phone.

"This is your fault, you know? Now you have to pick me up tomorrow!" she said on the other line.

"And you know we only live next door, of course I will be picking you up," I said before sitting on  the bed.

I heard her giggle, the sound of it brought smile on my face.

The things you make me feel.

"We better hang up, I need to sleep to be able to wake up early tomorrow. Good night, Lisa-yah!" she said.

"Good night, Jennie" I said then ended the call.

I sighed.

Four years.. I stopped being Jennie's bodyguard four years ago, but our friendship remained, if not grew much deeper.

When she entered the University life, she said she wanted to live near where I lived, but the neighborhood where my previous apartment was was never that great. So we both rented an apartment and made each others neighbors by just living next door each other.

Mr. Kim obliged to Jennie's whims, eventhough he wanted his daughter to study abroad, Jennie wanted to stay here, saying four years away from everyone was way too long for her.

And so, she entered Korea University and took up International Business, which is not surprising as she's the sole heiress of the Kim Corporation.

As for her and Kai, they broke up years ago and now I'm courting her.

If that's what you wanted me to say but no, that's not the case.

They're still together, and I haven't told her my feelings for her yet.

Kai.. over the past years, I've learned to accept his presence whenever Jennie and I are together..

He's been nothing but a good boyfriend to her, I would give him that much.. but there's only one thing he's doing that I don't like..

Thoughts of Seulgi entered my mind.

Her dream of putting up her own club has been realized and to say that it's going well is an understatement. True to her words, her club has been the number 1 and most exclusive there is in South Korea.

Her members are all VIPs; from businessmen to politicians to elitists. Rumor has it that even some members of the Royal Family are members of her club, which is know as Satyr. But it will always remain a rumor because even the greatest media could not get a single statement from any of the staffs, even the members are not allowed to talk because they signed an NAD prior to registration.

Not everyone can be a member and a background check is thoroughly being done for each applicants, so as to reserve the exclusivity of the club.

I was there when she opened the club, and I saw how from almost only 5 members it grew to 40, and Seulgi said that 40 members are the most she's going to accept. She didn't want her club to get crowded especially when members visit the club on the same day and time.

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