Chapter 31

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***Lisa's POV***

How long have we been here already??

I was getting bored while waiting for Jennie to finish with her shopping. It's already past 7 o'clock in the evening and we have been here since this afternoon.

Do women really go shopping this long??

I stood up and was ready to just drag her out of the store when I saw her making her way to me.

I felt my world stopped moving and the people around the store became invisible, it was only her that I can see. This has always been her effect on me.

If she only knew..

“Hey! Do you mind removing that frown on your forehead?” Jennie told me teasingly then she rubbed the invisible frown, trying to remove it. “It makes you look like an old lady.” Then she giggled.

“I would really turn into an old lady here by how long you're doing your shopping,” I told her while rolling my eyes.

“So, let's go? I'm starving!” Jennie said then she linked her arms to me.

I took the shopping bags from her hand then signaled to Bambam that we're moving out already.

No, I don't work for her as her bodyguard again.

And no, we are not dating.

We are.. fuck buddy.. for the lack of better word because I don't want to label Jennie as such. She's more than that, she's way more than any woman I've been with..

It seems like our relationship before as best friends have stepped up in a lot more level I can ever imagine.. We have been seeing each other regularly now, we always hang out, and yeah, we have been sharing the same bed since then.

Since her supposed marriage a week ago and the same night I experienced the bliss her body could offer, we spent the following nights in each other's arms. She would sometimes go to my room, or I would go to hers.

I'd be a hypocrite to say I didn't want it, because I do, more than anything in this world. But with Jennie, I could not find the courage to ask her what's her stand in our set-up, and I don't want her to feel pressured to answer me right away because I know how she's feeling. She just came out from a toxic relationship and just starting to experience things in this category, so I'm letting her take her time and take control of our situation.

The morning she took her morning-after pill, I dropped her to her parents’ house. They were so worried about her status that they wanted to see her right away. I didn't come with her though, Jennie said she wanted to face her parents alone, so I let her. It's not like I was in the position to tell her what she should and should not do.

When I saw the reporters waiting for us outside the store, I looked at Jennie. She has this unreadable look on her face.

“Don't listen to them and just stay behind me,” I told her.

She gave me a small before saying, “I know that Lisa.”

Once we stepped out of the store, Bambam and 2 other agents started to push the reporters away to make way for us. I held Jennie's hand and guide her to where my car was parked.

Flashes from dozens of cameras started to blind me, good thing Jennie was wearing her thick black sunglasses.

“Ms. Kim! How are you now since the scandal you and your family faced a week ago?!”

“Ms. Kim! Is it true that investors of the Kim's Corporation have started to pull out their investment because you cannot focus on your company?!”

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