Chapter 39🌹

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I know it kinda of been a while so y'all can go back to chapter 38 if you forgot what happened.



I was woken up by my phone ringing from an unknown number calling me. I declined the call and got up and took a shower and got ready for work.

I walked downstairs and Nique took my picture.

I walked downstairs and Nique took my picture

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{imagine her 3 months pregnant💀}

"I thought the doctor told you to relax for some days." Nique said.

"Yeah I know but I'm going in today. I don't wanna go broke I only got like a 70k left in my account I need to get back up to at least a mil."

"Girl! I know damn well you ain't complaining about going broke!"

"You can't say nun cause you still got like 2 mil in yo account!"

"Actually I have 50k but I get paid next week so I should have like 80k soon."

"Yeah and I need to get paid so I gotta go."

"After today you can't do nothing else but sit in the house and relax Like the doctor said."

"What the doctor say?" Chris said while walking in the kitchen.

"She said the baby is doing ok but the baby could do a whole lots better if Brianna get enough rest and stop stressing." Nique said.

Chris looked at me and I ran to the car and pulled off.

Not going broke the fuck.


I looked at my phone and Chris had texted me.

Chris💕: I'm telling Cam on you.

Bri: Idgaf ! Cam can go choke on a dick I still wouldn't give af .

Chris💕: you still mad at him?

Bri: obviously.. he called me a bitch

Chris💕: well.. actually he call you a "bi" cause he caught his self before he actually said it.

Bri: whatever

I sat my phone down and drove to work.

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