Chapter 7🌹

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Me and Cam was playing a game on his game system.

"I win!" I yelled.

"I was taking it easy on you."

"Nah Nah Nah."

"Shut up." Cam said while laughing.

He went in the bathroom and I grabbed some weed he had sitting on the dresser and rolled up like 4 blunts. Cam came out the bathroom and I lit up the blunt.

"Let's smoke."

1 hour later..


Me and Nique been sleep all day. Earlier Cam told me that he had some of that shit Dj be smoking for me. I wanted to give some to Nique and see how she act. I went into cam room and him and Bri was laying on the bed in each other face laughing.

"Oh shit y'all bout to fuck." I said jokingly.

"Hell yeah im bout to eat her pussy." Cam said slowly.

"Ohhhh shiiiit! Y'all smoked it didn't you!"

"Smoked what?" Bri said slowly.

"Ohh shiit." I said.

I went back in the room with Nique.

"Bri smoked that shit again and Cam smoked it with her."

I followed Nique as she went into the room then she stopped.. they both was naked.

"Ewww." I said while running out the room.

Nique laughed and closed the door.

"They going to fall in love after this!" She yelled with excitement.

"Shiiid they better and they ass better be woke to go to that damn date at 10:00."

"What time is it." Nique asked.

I looked at my phone. "5:32"

"They should be up before 10."


3 hours later..

I woke up to being cuddled up with Cam naked.


I lifted up the covers and Cam was naked too. I rolled off the bed and tried to walk but my legs were sore.

I know damn well I didn't fuck Cam!

I crawled to my suitcase and pulled out some clothes then crawled to the bathroom. I can't believe this shit. I took a hot shower and when I got up Cam was sitting up on the bed.

"Did you rape me?!" Cam asked.

"Nigga no!"

"Why am I naked then!?"

"You always naked! I should be asking you why the hell I wake up naked!"

"You literally don't remember anything from earlier?"

"Noooo all I remember is everything that happened before we smoked."

The door flew open and Chris walked in. Cam got under the covers and I stayed standing up.

"Y'all remember anything from earlier?" Chris asked.

"NO!" We both yelled.

"Well y'all ended up smoking some of that shit Dj had and I came in here and both of y'all was naked and I ran out the damn room then I told Nique and after that we heard moaning and shit so we blasted music in our room and now y'all is awake and should be getting ready for that date." Chris said.

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