Chapter 20🌹

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I got up and brushed my teeth and washed my face. I put my clothes and shoes on. My phone has a small crack in it from when my mom dropped it. I looked at the time and grabbed my book bag and ran out the apartment. By time I made it to the bus stop my bus was pulling off.

I pulled out my phone and called my mom.
Phone call:

"What" she said.

"I missed the bus."

"What you telling me for! You better get to stepping cause you ain't coming back into this house until 5:30!"

"That's a 20 minute walk."

"No it ain't if we in the car and it only take 10 minutes to get there it should take you 10 minutes to walk there!"

"What if I get hit by a car crossing the streets."

"Bye Brittany! Take yo ass somewhere as long as you not in my apartment! I'll see you at 5:30!"

The call ended.

I walked to the park and sat down on the bench. Maggie is always out partying with her friends she barley goes to school. She's 17 and I really care about her even though she barely care about me.

I went in my book bag and took out a 10 dollar bill. Brianna boyfriend gave it to me yesterday. It's a McDonald's not far from here I guess I'll go get myself something to eat. I walked to McDonald's and stood in line.

Finally it was my turn to order.

"Um- hi, Can I get a double cheeseburgers with only cheese and ketchup and a medium fry." I said.

"You wanna a drink with it too" the girl asked.

"Yes, orange Hi-c."

"Ight Yo total is 5.52."

I handed her the 10 dollar bill and waited for my change. I got my receipt and sat down.

"Brittany?" I heard someone say.

I looked up and Brianna and some other girl was standing in front of me.

"Hey Brianna." I said.

She sat down with her food, "Why you not in school?"

"I missed the bus and my mom told me to walk but it's a 20 minute walk."

"Shiiit I wouldn't be walking either." Her friend said.

"This is my bestfriend Monique, Monique this is Brittany." She said.

"Nice to meet you."

"Brittany what happened last night, I was bout to come over there and whoop yo mama ass but I was too tired."

I laughed a lil bit, "um, Earlier she told me to go in my room and stay in there until it's time for me to go to school and she had a man with her so I went in my room and went to sleep. I got thirsty so I walked in the kitchen to get something to drink and she asked me a couple questions and started punching me and stomping me then she dragged me into my room."

Brianna moved around in her seat.

"I didn't know you was on the phone I was getting ready to call my sister Maggie but I changed my mind. I don't know how I ended up calling you."

They called me to get my food. I checked it and it had onions and pickles on it but I'll just take it off I'm to scared to tell them it's wrong.

I sat back down.

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