Chapter 40🌹

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I called Chris but he didn't answer so I called nique.

Phone call:

"HEEEEEY BITCH" nique yelled through the phone.

"Maggie got Brit and they taking her to a lake. I'm on the way to the only lake that's in the hood but I'm not sure if they're taking her there or if they taking her to one outside of the hood."

"Bitch come get me!"

"I can't stop right now I need to get there in time."

"Well I can tell Chris to bring Dj and Ant with you."

"I mean it's a teenager what she's going to do to me."

"You gonna kill her?"


"Ok well I'm bout to call Chris be careful and come stop by and see me so I can see that your ok."


The called ended

I pulled up to the lake and got out the car. I opened the trunk and grabbed my gun.

As I walked down the small trail I saw Maggie and Brit standing by the water. I heard a click and hurried up and turned around.

Who the fuck is this.

Some guy was standing there holding a gun up towards and I started laughing.

"What's funny?" The guy asked.

"There's a whole gang behind you holding up guns."

Please turn around!

The boy turned around and I shot him twice. Maggie heard the gunshots and looked over at me. She pulled out a gun and held it up to Brit and Brit started screaming.

I started to run but then she clocked the gun back,


I stopped and held my gun towards her and started sending shots to her body while Brit ran.

I walked over to Maggie body to see if she was dead. I looked back and saw Brittany waiting behind. I walked her to the car and told her to lock the door. As I walked back down to the lake Chris,Dj,and Ant pulled up.

"You good?" Dj said.

I nodded.

We walked down and they put gloves on and threw her body in the lake.

"Let's go." Ant said.

I got in the car and drove home. As we pulled up in the driveway I saw cam car. We walked in and Brit ran upstairs to take a shower.

I looked around the house for cam but I didn't see him. I went in my room and he was laying down sleep.

I went in the closet to find something to sleep in and as I walked to the bathroom Cam called my name.

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