Chapter 17🌹

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I was still up I haven't been back to sleep so I was watching Netflix. I don't know why I had that nightmare but I'm not trynna have it again so imma just stay up.

Cam turned over and I guess he felt me sitting up cause he opened his eyes.

"You ok." He asked.


"Go to sleep you look tired." He said while rubbing my back.

"I'm good."

He went back to sleep and I continued to watch Netflix.

It's now 9:15 and Cam is in the shower. My head is pounding right now so I'm just laying down trying to relax. I closed my eyes and dozed off.


I got out the shower and Brianna was sleep but she kept moving around. She was up all night like some thing was bothering her. Last night at the hospital we found out that April wasn't pregnant and I ended up killing her when we got in the car.

I mean I want a family one day but I want all my kids to be by one girl. I don't want to have 5 different baby mommas. I mean I already know who I want to have my kids but I think imma wait to tell her I want her to have my babies. I want at least 6 kids by her.

I looked at Brianna and she was sweating hard as hell like sweat was dripping off of her. I turned the air on then laid next to her and held her in my arms. I bet she's having a nightmare.

I watched a movie and Brianna ended up jumping out her sleep. She looked over at me and sighed in relief.

"You had a nightmare?" I asked.


She got up and got in the shower. I keep wondering if Brianna love me. I mean shiiit I told her ass I loved her and she thought I was playing but she was smiling hard as hell and looking at me some type of way.. not in a bad way but a good way.

Incoming call from Ant.

Phone call:
"Wassup nigga." I said.

"Aye man it's 3 vans outside the trap and they shooting."

"Ight I'm on the way."

The call ended.

I got up and went to Chris room. Him and Nique was all cuddled up together but he was already woke.

"They shooting at the trap." I said.

He got up and put his shoes on and we left out the house.


I woke up and took a shower then put some clothes on. I didn't have to work for 2 weeks cause I got suspended so I'm happy as fuck. I went in Bri room and she was putting her shoes on.

"Where you going?" I asked.

"Bout to go grab some to eat, you coming?"

"Yeah lemme grab my shoes."

I went and put on my slides then went downstairs. We got in the car and Brianna pulled off.

"Girl I get suspended for 2 weeks!" I said.

"Bitch you better be lucky they ain't fire yo ass. You always getting caught on the phone." Bri said while laughing.

"Girl how many times you got suspended before they finally fired up ass?"

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