Chapter 5🌹

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I'm currently in the car driving to my mom house. She doesn't know that I'm coming I decided to just pop up so I can "surprise" her. I pulled up in her driveway and got out the car. It was another car parked in the driveway and it couldn't be my mom car cause she don't have one. I went up to the door and knocked.

A older man came to the door.

"Who you looking for." He said while checking me out.

"My mama."

"Come on in." He said.

I walked in and started to look around for my mom. I walked in her room and saw all type of drugs on the table.

"Oh! Bri Bri hey!" She said

"What is all this and who is that man."

"This is all my friend stuff. The man who came to the door is a friend of mine but I told him I don't do drugs anymore so you don't have to worry." She said while getting up.

"Everything good?" The man asked while sitting in front of the table and sniffing drugs into his nose.

My mom walked up to me and grabbed my hands.

"I promise I'm not doing drugs again." She said while looking into my eyes.

"Ok call me if you need anything." I said while walking down the stairs.

I got in the car and drove to my auntie house which was a lil far cause she don't live in the hood. I pulled up to her house and she was bringing groceries in. I grabbed a couple bags and walked in.

"Hey auntie." I said while hugging her.

"Hey baby." She said while kissing me on my cheek.

"How you been."

"Good, what about you?"

"I'm fine"

"How is Monique doing."

"She Good she still working at the hospital."

"Don't you still work there"

"Nah I got fired."

"Girl what you do!"

"I smacked one of the patients cause they kept yelling at me like I was they maid"

"They could of at least let you off with a warning."

"They couldn't it was my 4th time doing some like that." I said while sitting on the couch.

"Gir- Where you work at now?"

"Real estate company and I get paid a lot of money too."

"That's good. Have you went to see your mom today?"

"Yeah I saw her before I came here and some man was there and it was drugs all on the table and he was sniffing it but she claim she not doing drugs again.. she looked me in my eyes and promised me."

My auntie looked at my like I was slow.

"I know I know! She did that last time which is why I'm going to pop up on her again soon. You know I don't believe her."

"Good. I'll try to go check up on her once or twice every two weeks."

"Ok. I gotta head out you know it's a hour drive back to the hood."

"Girl you need to move up out of there it's not safe."

"I know Auntie I will soon." I said while hugging her.

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