Chapter 34🌹

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I paced back and forward trying to figure out what to do.

Where would he take Brittany?

"Come on. I'm bout to go to the trap and grab some stuff and I'm bout to find this nigga." Cam said.

I wanted to cry but ion got time for all that. I gotta get my fucking sister back, and decide if I want to kill my father.. I'm mostly like am but then I still need to get up to the hospital and make sure Ray is ok.

This is too much for a pregnant person.

Nique was in the living room with Bonnie telling him a story cause he was asking too many questions about what was going on.

"Drop me off at the hospital then go to the Trap and come back and get me." I said to Cam.


We walked downstairs and I told Nique I'll be back and to make sure she don't let nobody in the house. Nique was mad cause she wanted to help but she'll be fine. We got in the car and Cam took me to the hospital.

As I was walking in I saw Raigan sitting on Tamaya lap and Taylor was crying. They saw me and Zay got up.

"Y'all know where he took Brit yet?" He asked.

I shook my head no.

"Lemme help." He said.

"No I got this."

"You have to let me help she's like our sister."

"Family of Rayshawn-" Tamaya cut her off.

"Right here!" She said while getting up.

Me and Zay walked over to the nurse.

"So it's nothing really severe. We was able to remove the bullet and stitch up his womb. He's gonna be in some pain but we're able to release him once you sign some paperwork and talk to the police."

"Thank god." Tamaya said.

"You can go to the back and see him. He's in room 101."

I looked at Zay, "we don't need the police involved." I said.

"Why you in a gang or some?"

"No.. I'm not but-" Zay cut me off.

"Cam and em is and you don't want them to make the wrong move and get arrested."

"Yeah.. that."

"Ight take Raigan and Tay back there to see him and I'll talk to my mama."

I nodded.

"Come on y'all." I said while grabbing both of their hands.

We walked to the room and I opened the door and Ray was laying there.

"DADDY!" Raigan said.

He smiled as she ran over to him. Taylor hugged him and smiled.

"You look like you could be my baby mama walking in here with both of them like that." Ray said.

I laughed, "Whatever."

"Y'all got Brit back?"

"Chris and em working on it now but once I leave here imma be ready to kill a nigga."

The door opened and Mr.Kennedy was walking in.

"Dang Brianna you stay up at the hospital like you still work here or some!" He said.

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