Chapter 32🌹

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Me,Brittany, and Cam was all leaving out the hospital. Today I had a check up to make sure the baby was doing ok.

We got in the car and pulled out the parking lot of the hospital.

"You know Brit birthday is in two weeks." I whispered to cam.

"How you know?"

"She told me."

"Have you got her birth certificate and social security card from her adoptive parent?"

"Nah I haven't had the time."

"We need to stop by and get it now."

"Brittany you know where yo birth certificate and social security card at?" I said loud enough for her to hear me.

"Yeah it's at my old apartment."

"We bout to stop by to get it."


Cam drove to the apartment and Me and Brittany got out the car.

"You got yo gun on you?" Cam asked.

I nodded as I closed the door and followed Brit. As we was walking a lot of guys was looking at me.

"Aye Brittany Who this?!" Some guy yelled.

We kept walking up the stairs and we finally got to the door. I knocked on the door and some girl who I'm guessing is Maggie came to the door.

"Who this Brit?" Maggie said while sizing me up.

"This is my sister, Brianna."

Maggie laughed, "I'm your only sister."

"No, she's my biological sister." Brittany said.

"Mmm what she want."

"If you haven't noticed Brittany been living with me for the pass 4 months and I'm coming to get her birth certificate and Social security card."

"Does my mom know"

"Don't worry bout allat." I said while letting myself into the apartment.

I walked in and I smelt straight weed and I saw Ray sitting on the couch next to some other boy and he looked irritated.

Brittany went in a room and Ray just sat there staring at me. I tilted my head telling him to come here. I walked in the hallway and he followed behind me.

"Why you looking like that." I said.

"I'm ready to go." He said.

"Then leave, you grown.. remember."

"Can't leave without my brother."

"Aye Ray you hitting this?" The boy who was sitting next to him said.

"No this Brit sister."

"Wassup baby I'm Zay." He said.

"Mm.. I'm Brianna." I said before walking off.

"She mean." Zay said.

I walked in the room and I didn't see Brit I only saw some older lady who looked sick.

"Who the fuck is you!" The lady yelled.

"Bitch Who the fuck YOU yelling at!"

The lady put a pill in her mouth.


"You ain't even her mama hoe! Do you know who the fuck I am?! I'm her biological sister and I'm taking her away from yo crackhead ass!"

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