Chapter 8🌹

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When I woke up Cam was gone. I looked at the time and it was only 11:42. Nique came in the room and said that Chris wasn't in bed either.

"Come on let's drive around and see if we see their car anywhere." Nique said.


I brushed my teeth and washed my face then washed my body and put some clothes on. We got in the car and Nique drove all around the block.

"Imma go to the trap." Nique said.

She drove to the trap and we got out the car and knocked on the door. Dj came to the door with a blunt in his mouth.

"Wassup Bri." He said.

"Um hey Remember me, you know where Chris is?" Nique said.

"Him and Cam and some of the other gang members had to go handle some with somebody." Dj phone started ringing.

"Yo wassup" he said.

His face expression changed.

"Ight I'll be there once we done." Dj looked at us.

"That was Chris. He said go home lock the doors and if anybody try to get y'all shoot em."

"How he know we here and where you going." I said.

"I don't know how he knows your here but I gotta go soon." Dj pulled us into the house and took us to a room on the second floor and it was loaded with guns.

"Both of y'all get three guns." He said.

"Ouuuu these fye can I get four!?" I Said.

Nique started crying.

"What's wrong bestfriend?!"

"What if something happens to Chris!" She said.

"Nothing going to happen to him he got this."

"Yeah ain't nun gone happen to him he at the hospital with Ca-" dj stopped.

Me and Nique both looked at dj.

"C- Cam in the hospital?" I said.

"Fuck! I wasn't supposed to say nun but Cam got shot during a shoot out and the people who shot him on the way to the trap so me and the rest of the guys gotta be ready to shoot them when they get here but he wanted y'all to go home and he wanted y'all to bring extra guns just in case somebody see y'all leaving and follow y'all."

Some man came in the room. "Dj they here!".

"Stay in here don't move." Dj said.

Cam got shot..

"Bri you ok?" Nique said while crying.

"Girl yes you a crybaby just be happy nothing happened to Chris. Cam gone make it."

"Girl you know imma bad bitch and a cry baby." She said while wiping her eyes.

We heard hella gunshots going off.

"I want to help." I said.

"Me too." Nique said.

Me and Nique grabbed a gun and ran out the room and went downstairs to where the guys was.

"Let's show these bitches wassup." Nique said.

We started shooting at them and they shot back. I shot one nigga in the head.

Blew that bitch

I shot two in the stomach. Three niggas tried to shoot at me but I got all three of them in they head. I felt somebody grab me.

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