Chapter 30🌹

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Me and Brittany was in the furniture store picking out a couch.

"Ouuu what about this one." Brittany said.

I looked at the couch, "oh yeah that's cute." I said while rubbing my hand on it.

I told the lady that we picked out which couch we wanted then signed for it to be delivered.

"Let's go to the mall and get some clothes." I said.

We got in the car and I drove to the mall. We walked in and went into one of the stores and I went to the baby section to scan through some of the clothes they had. Brittany came up to me with 6 outfits.

"Can I get these?" She asked.

I looked through them, "ok girl these cute!"

She laughed.

I grabbed her clothes in put them in the buggie. Me and Brittany ended up grabbing a couple more outfits before checking out. As we made our way to the register I saw Cam walking in with some girl.


I paid for the stuff and walked out. We went to some other stores and bought more clothes and some shoes then we went to the food court.

I laughed, "I remember me and Nique was here at the mall and we got into a fight with some girls.It was crazy."

"I could imagine that happening."

I looked at her and we both laughed.

We ordered our food and sat down.

"You talked to Nique today?" Brittany asked.

"Nah she at work."


"Speaking of work I get to go back 3 months from now."

Brittany looked up and stared causing me to turn around. Brittany and Cam was making eye contact and she rolled her eyes. We finished our food and as we was walking out Cam called Brittany name then ran up to us.

"You ain't talking to me nomo?" He said.

"Fuck you."

Cam eyes widened and he looked at me and I looked at my phone and laughed.

"You gone let her get away with that." He said.

I looked at him, "Your talking to me?"

Brittany hit me on my arm.

I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"Chris told me you need to talk to me about something important. So what is it?" Cam said.

"I- um." Brittany cut me off.

"She's not telling you here you need to come to our house or meet her somewhere so y'all can talk."

"Send me y'all address." Cam said.

"Ok." Brittany said before we walked off.


I watched Brianna and Brittany walk off. I went back to the food court and sat next to Laniah.

"Who the fuck was that bitch?!" Laniah said.

"Listen here, you not gone sit here and yell at me like I won't beat yo ass and she ain't no bitch." I said while squeezing her wrist.

"Ok, ok, I'm sorry." She said.

We grabbed our stuff and walked out to the car and I took her to the house.

5 hours later..

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