Chapter 37🌹

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Me and Nique drove to my house and as we pulled up Maggie was standing outside.

What the fuck she want

Me and nique got out the car and walked up to her.

"What do you want Maggie." I said.

She looked sick and it looks like she haven't slept in days.

"You killed my mother and had someone take her body away!" She yelled.

My eyes grew bigger and I looked around to make sure no one was outside. I grabbed her arm and we walked in the house. Nique went upstairs to change while I talk to her.

"Maggie what are you talking about?" I said.

"You killed my mother! The only thing I had left with me! And before that you took my sister away from us!"

"Yo mama tried to kill me so what you want me to do sit there and look stupid?"

"Obviously! If  that would of kept my mom alive then that's what I would of wanted you to do!"

The fuck?

I sighed, "I'm trying not to curse yo ass out so imma need you to stop yelling."

"You took my mom and sister away from me. Now that I got Cam and Chris out my way I can take someone you love away from you."

"if you touch them I'm beating yo ass."

"And imma help her too bitch." Nique said while coming down the stairs.

"Cam and Chris is safe boo." She said while looking at my stomach.

How this bitch know I'm pregnant I'm not even that big yet.

"You made a threat and I'm making a promise. If you touch me I'm send 3 bullets to yo body.. one to each eye and one to yo chest. Try me if you want to bitch I'm not the one to play with. I could end you right here right now just like I did yo mama. Now get the fuck out before I make you regret coming here bitch."


"The more THREATS y'all make to me the closer cam and Chris is to death. I said I wasn't going to kill them but I guess I changed my mind."

Bonnie and Brit walked in the house.

"Hey Maggie." Brit said.

"Hey." She said before getting up and walking out.

"Bri can I go to auntie lee house I talked to her but she said I gotta ask you."

"Yeah you spending the night?"

Brit nodded her head.

"Go pack yo bags."

We pulled up to some house and they took us out the car and we walked inside the house.

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