Chapter 41🌹

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I kept handing Nique some tissue as she cried in my lap.

"Did you tell Chris?"

"No, I took it when him and Cam left to go to the trap."she said.

"Everything is gonna be fine. Now our babies can be in the same grade together."

Brittany walked in the room with her bags.

"I'm ready." She said.

Earlier Brit asked me if she could go to Ray house with Taylor since they both didn't go to school and it's Friday.

I got up and as I grabbed my key Cam walked in my room.

I hurried up and pushed him out the room and closed the door.

"What you want?"

"Dang why the hell you push me like that." Cam said while pushing my forehead.

I rolled my eyes and pulled him by his arm, "Come with me to drop Brit off."

"Where she going?"

"Ray house."

Cam looked at me like I was stupid.

"She going over there with Taylor." I said.

"Taylor should be at school."

"Well she not  so let's go."

Chris walked in the house and I went up to hug him.

"Heyy brother" I said.

"Hey ugly, nique here?" He said.

I nodded, "yeah but she sleep so you can come back later to check up on her."

"Nah I wanna see my lil baby."

Cam laughed.

I jogged upstairs and went in my room.

"Chris here."

Nique eyes got big.

"So I have to tell him right now?"

"I mean unless you can come up with an excuse about why your eyes are red then you really don't have a choice."

Chris walked in the room and looked at Nique with a big smile but it quickly faded away.

"Why the fuck it look like you been crying?" He said while sitting next to her.

Nique looked at me and I blew her a kiss and walked out the room.

I got in the passenger seat of the car and Cam pulled off.

15 minutes later..

We pulled up to Ray house and I got out the car and knocked on the door. He opened the door and smiled.

"Wassup Brit." He said.

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