Chapter 46🌹

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I sat up on the bed looking at my phone. I scrolled down Instagram and came across a picture of Ray.

I forgot to call him.

I exited off Instagram and went to his name and called him.

Phone call:

"hello" I said.

"yeah who this?" ray said.

"Brianna, you don't got my number saved in yo phone nomo?"

Ray got silent.

"man stop playing, this ain't Brianna."

"you don't believe me? facetime me then."

Ray facetimed me.

Facetime call:

" what the fuck!" he yelled.

"why didn't nobody call me and tell me you woke up? when did you wake up? your not mad at me?"

"slow down child" I said while laughing.

"I woke up yesterday afternoon. I don't know why no one called you.. well nique did tell me nobody hasn't seen you since the last time you been up here and why would I be mad at you, you didn't do anything to hurt me."

"you didn't get my letter?"

"no I haven't touched anything in the room yet I said I was gone read everything when I got home. where you at can you bring me some food?"

"I'm out of town for a lil while with Raigan and her mama."

"oh.. when will you be back"

"probably in like 2 months."

"oh well call me later so I can see raigan"

"ok bye"

1 week later..

I've been doing good in the hospital and I'm finally getting released. Nique and Brit helped me gather all of my flowers and letters that everyone wrote to me when I was in a coma.

We put everything in a bag and then I sat in the wheelchair letting the nurse push me down to the car. I got up and put my stuff in the trunk then got in the car.

"You know damn well you could've walked yo ass to the elevator that lady ain't have to push you out here." Nique said.

"Girl shut up." I said while laughing.

As nique pulled out the parking lot I saw someone who looked like Laniah walking in the building.


Incoming call from "bonnie💋"

"Hello" I said.

"Hey girl, how you been I'm sorry I haven't called I've been busy but I called yo ass a while ago and you ain't answer nor call back."

"Girl I been in the hospital for like 2 months."

"Why what happened!?"

"Me and cam was in a bad accident, we was knocked into a coma."

"Is daddy cam alright?"

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