Chapter 38🌹

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I called Brittany to see where she was.

Phone call:

"Hello." She said.

"Brit where you at?"

"I went with Taylor to the movies I'm in the way back to Auntie house now."

"NO! Who's driving you?"


"Give him the phone."

Brittany gave Ray the phone.

"Wassuppp!" He said.

"Take Brittany back to yo house I'm on my way to get her."

"Why? Everything ok?"


"Ight I'm bout to text you my address."

"Don't you stay with yo mama?"

"I moved out weeks ago."

"Oh ok."

The call ended.




I got in the car and drove to the address Ray sent me.


As I pulled up and parked the car a number I didn't know called my phone.

Phone call:

"Hello?" I said.

"Bri this Cam where you at?"

"Just pulled up to Ray house."

"The fuck you over there for?!"

"Cam don't start I'm not in the mood."

"Man fuck that! Come get me and Chris before that bitch get here we in the basement. It'll be easy cause this hoe don't know what the fuck she doing but imma send you my location."

"Y'all can't get away by y'all self?"

"With what car?"

I sighed, "ok I'll be on the way here when I leave here.. bye."

"No bring yo ass-" I hung up on him.

I got out the car and walked up to the door and knocked. Ray came to the door and looked me up and down.

Shit I forgot to put clothes on. Who forgets to put clothes on?

I had on some shorts and my sports bra. I snapped my fingers making him look up at me.

"Where's Brit."


Ray let me in and I walked to the kitchen.

"Ou Bri what you got on?" Taylor said causing Brit to laugh.

"I was laying down before I got here."

"Mhm." Ray said.

I rolled my eyes and went upstairs. I found his room and went into his closet and pulled out a jacket he had in there.

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