Chapter 35🌹

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I looked at Chris,Cam,Ant,and Dj before running off to the car. I got in the car and the unknown number was calling me again.

Phone call:

"Hello baby, I missed you so much."

I started to recognize the voice.

"Where the fuck you at?!" I said.

He laughed, "is that the right way to talk to your daddy?"

"Go to hell!"

"You want Brittany back then meet me at your mom house.. alone. If you come with anyone else then I will kill you and that little thing inside of you and if I kill you I will have to keep Brittany and let her enjoy my love."

The call ended.

Cam and em came out the house and got in the car.

"Take me home." I said to cam.

"Hell nah you going to my mama house we 5 minutes away. We bout to go to yo mama old house Chris said that's the only other place he could be at." Cam said.




The fuck?

I sighed and sat back.

"Just wait I'm beating the fuck outta you." I said.

"Just wait I'm beating the fuck outta you" cam mimicked me.

We pulled up to his mom house and we all got out the car. Cam unlocked the door and we walked in. The smell of food automatically hit my nose.

"MAAAAAAA!" Cam yelled.

Catherine came out the kitchen with a knife.

"Cam don't make me stab you!"

"I'm sorry damn!"

"Heeeey my 4 little babies!" Catherine said while walking up to me,Ant,Dj, and Chris.

Cam jerked his head, "I know damn well-"

Catherine popped Cam in his mouth, "who you cursing at nigga?"

"My bad my bad."

We started laughing.

"Dang ma it smell good in here Whatcha cooking?!" Chris said.

"You Off topic!" I said then looked at Cam.

"Ma Bri gone stay over here, we gotta rescue mission." Cam said.

"Since when do y'all rescue people?" She said while looking at the boys.

They all looked at her.

"Get out my house." She said while pushing them out the door.

I watched as they got in the car and pulled off then I looked at the time.


I walked in the Kitchen with Catherine.

"How you been doing?" She asked.

"Honestly I was doing good up until today." I said.

She turned the stove down then looked at me.

"What's wrong?"

"My sister got kidnapped by our dad who got out of jail and he said I have to come to the house alone and he'll let her go but if I come with somebody else he gonna kill me and my baby."

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