Chapter 9🌹

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I woke up to the music still blasting in my ears.


I got up and walked to the bathroom and took a shower. I put some clothes on and did my makeup before walking out the bathroom to grab my keys.

"Where you going?" Cam said.

I walked straight pass him and went to my car. I pulled off and drove to work. As I was driving Cam called my phone.
Phone call:

"What" I said.

"Where you going?"

"Don't worry about it nigga."

" man you probably gone go pass April house you could of dropped her off at home."

"Who the fuck is April." I said stopping at the light.

"The bitch you fought last night." Cam said.

"Ohh yo lil hoe. Nigga even if I was going pass her house her nasty ass ain't getting in my damn car! She probably would of ended up dead." I said while frowning up.

"You just a bully."

"Bitch Ian no damn bully maybe if you keep yo hoes in check I would of dropped her ass off but naw this bitch think she can talk to me any type of way.You better warn that bitch cause if she look at me wrong, talk to me in the wrong tone, or get smart with me I got a bullet with her name on it."

Cam laughed, "I'll make sure I let her know. Now where you going?"

"Figure it out.

The call ended.

I pulled up to my job and went in.

"Hey Brianna you have 10 houses to show off today." Tiffany said.

Damn that's a lot.

I went in the office and got my paperwork together then headed to the car and drove to the first house.

7 hours later..

The people finally finished all they paperwork and I was able to go home. I looked at the time and it was 7:30. I sighed then walked to my car and as I unlocked the door I felt something stick me in my back.

"Don't move or I'll shoot you."

"Bitch shoot me and I'll come back and hunt yo ass hoe."

"Shut the Fuck up."

I turned around and punched the person in the face. They had a mask on and I snatched it off and started stomping him. I noticed it was Cj I pulled my gun out and shot him. I put him in the car then drove to a river and dumped his body there.

My shirt and hands was all bloody. I hurried to the house and when I got there Nique, Chris, Cam, and that bitch April was sitting in the living room. They all looked at me and they eyes got wide.

"Best friend what happened?" Nique said.

"You ok?" Chris Said.

I ignored them and went upstairs. Cam got up and followed me.

"Bri." Cam said.

I grabbed something to put on and went in the bathroom to take a shower. I took my shirt and pants off so I was only in my bra and panties. Cam walked in the bathroom and looked me up and down.

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