Chapter 10🌹

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2 months later..


I sat in the shower with my head into my knees. I hate being here with Cj and Demond. It makes me feel like when I was younger and my parents would beat on me and my dad would rape me.. that's exactly what their doing. They never took the chip out my arm but they barley even hurt me with it anymore.

I got up and washed my body about 3 times and then got out the shower. I put my clothes on and did my make up and got ready to take a picture with Demond. Cj and Demond makes me post pictures so people won't start to get worried about me cause they know I keep them updated. Me and Nique still hangs out but it not like old times. I can't tell her what I'm going through.

"Bring yo ass on Brianna!" Demond said.

I walked out the bathroom and Demond and Cj both smacked my ass. We went out side and I had to pose on Demond.

"SMILE!" Cj yelled.

"Fuck you bitch!" I said back.

I don't care what situation I'm in Imma take up for myself. All I need is a gun and I can end both of them. Demond put his hands around my neck and choked me.

"Smile for the fucking picture." He said while he tightened up his grip.

Demond is over Cj and everybody else that work with them. If I had a gun I would kill him first cause the rest of them would be lost without him. Cj took the picture and they told me to post it on my page.

 Cj took the picture and they told me to post it on my page

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@Babygirl.Bri: My ride or die😋💋


Badbitchnique: bestfriend SexC😍
Theysaychris: 🤮 but you cute tho sis😍
April._: Girl Cam treating me right💋
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@babygirl.bri: @April._ you telling me because?
@badbitchnique: @April._ Girl stfu Cam was just with another girl last night.
@Theysaychris: @April._ He dont like you Frl 😐

I rolled my eyes at April comment. I don't talk to Cam anymore but I see him around and we just ignore each other. I miss him so much but I see he don't miss me. Lemme shut up cause I'm talking like we was a thing or some.

"Go to the store we want nachos tonight." Cj said.

A thought popped up in my head and I smiled.


I got up and got in the car then drove to The store. I parked the car then grabbed my Wallet and walked in. I went to the snack section to get Doritos and I saw Cam and Chris standing there. My heart starting pounding fast and I felt my hands get sweaty. They was standing right in front of the Doritos I needed too.

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