Chapter 22🌹

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So a group of boys jumped Nique two days ago and her and Chris hasn't been their usual selfs since. We know who sent them to jump her and he's gonna die soon.. very soon. Nobody knows What I'm getting ready to do in a couple hours. Brit is at Taylor house for a sleepover so I won't have to pick her up until Sunday afternoon.

I ran to the house and put on some black tights, a blue hoodie, and some gym shoes I barley wear. I went back up to the hospital and sat with Nique and em.

Bri: Demond?

Target 🎯: Why df you texting me

Bri: I know you sent people to jump Nique and I'm ready to settle all of this. Leave them alone they didn't kill Cj.. I did. It was all me I aimed for him and didn't miss my shot, I'm sorry. Can we just meet up for dinner and discuss this.

Target 🎯: how do I know this ain't a set up.

Bri: I'll FaceTime you and you can watch me while I leave the hospital and drive the the restaurant.

Target 🎯: Nah Imma trust you this time.. try some slick and I'm coming for you but anyways what time

Bri: In 3 hours?

Target 🎯 : ight send me the address

Bri: Ok and don't get fancy you can where a shirt and some jeans. It's not really a fancy restaurant.

3 hours later

I got up and hugged Nique, she was crying.

"Don't worry I'm bout to handle this shit right now best friend." I whisper in her ear.

She looked up and grabbed my arm while shaking her head no.

"Trust me."

I walked out and Cam followed behind me.

"Where you going" he asked.

"Bout to grab some to eat."

"I'm coming too."

"No.. I'm stopping by my mama house afterwards to clean up some of her stuff."

"I can help you."

"Cam take yo ass back in the room."

"You gone stop talking to me like I'm yo damn pet, you better be lucky I love yo ugly ass cause you would of been dead."

"Ok cool." I rolled my eyes and started walking off.

Cam grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him, "I was just playing, you know I wouldn't shoot you even if I hated you." He said while kissing me.

"You sho-" he cut me off.

"That was before I fully knew you. And you shot me too like 3 times."

I laughed.

I walked off and got in the car. I took my hoodie off and it revealed my shirt. I wanted to look normal so he wouldn't get suspicious. Luckily I brought my Blue hoodie and not my black one cause I don't wanna do all black.

I got out the car and walked in the restaurant. I made eye contact with an old friend of mine.

"Heeeey." She said.

"Heey girl I want to thank you for doing what your Bout to do for me." I said while handing her 4 100 dollar bills.

"Girl keep this, after how many times you helped me I wouldn't mine doing this again."

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