Chapter 25🌹

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So I'm currently in the car with Cam dick headed ass. It's been 3 days since his sister "threatened" me but cam knows nothing about it. I'm not telling him cause he's has enough stuff going on at the Trap. We pulled up to my auntie house to get Brittany.

When we walked in the house Auntie lee gave me and Cam a hug and Denny dapped Cam up. Brittany got off the couch and hugged me.

"Denny was nice to you?" I said while looking at him and sizing him up.

Denny pushed my head, "don't do all that."

"Y'all staying over for a lil while we bout to watch a couple movies and eat some snacks." Auntie lee said.

Before I could answer Cam answered before me, "hell yeah we staying."

We all laughed.

"Well imma go get some pizza I'll be back." I said.

Cam and Denny went upstairs to play the game and auntie lee went in the kitchen.

"Imma ride with you." Brittany said.

We got in the car and drove to the nearest pizza place. Once we got the pizza me and Brit walked to the car and somebody was walking pass me and attempted stab me in my stomach.

"OH MY GOD BRI ARE YOU OK?!" Brittany yelled.

She sat the pizza boxes down and pulled out her phone.

"I'm calling Cam." She said.

"No I'm fine it's not that bad." I said.

She grabbed the pizza boxes and we got in the car. I started up the car and drove back to auntie lee house.

We walked in the house and Brit took the pizza in the kitchen and I went upstairs. I went to the bathroom and took my shirt off and starting cleaning up the cut. The door opened and Denny walked in.

"What happened to you?!" He said loud as hell.

Auntie Lee walked up behind him.

"I fell and hit a sharp rock." I said.

"Girl you cant lie to me what happened to you."

"Do I have to go beat somebody ass?" Denny said.

I explained to them what happened between Cam and his "sister" and everything else.

"So she trynna kill you over him?" Denny said.

"Basically, yeah."

"Lemme go get my gun."

I finished cleaning up the cut and Auntie Lee pulled me to her room.

"Every time you and Cam came over I'll watch how y'all look at each other.. now y'all finally together. I knew it was gone happen one day." She said.

"You sound a lot like Nique right now."

We both laughed.

"She been feeling ok?"

"Eh she has her days where she'll be loud but most of the time she's quiet now."

She looked at me and grabbed my hand.

"I know you and Cam like each other but you can't die over him. You need to tell him y'all should take a break until he get that bitch under control."

Me and cam don't like each other

"I can handle her, I'm just wondering if she can handle me and I Can't tell Cam cause he doesn't want me kill her and if I do kill her we'll probably most likely break up for a lil while."

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